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The world is coming undone ...reposted 13 aug

I am told and it was said on television today that August 22nd, is a big day in the Muslim Calendar, and it was reported that Iran might be up for a possible foray into nuclear armageddon. We have been speaking about August 22 for some time now on late night radio. These dates Aug. 3, 9, 15, 22 are dates to watch out for. I guess the 9th/10th dates came to pass today with the U.K. being ahead of us that makes alot of sense.

My friends are all coming to me for advice, those older family members who think I can offer them wise counsel on what I think will happen in regards to the news and events transpiring all over the world. I am not a psychic nor am I gifted in any fashion to be able to look into my crystal ball and to be able, with certainty, predict what I am seeing. But we all know - from watching the news that things around the world are not good.

24 Muslim men between the ages of 17 and 35, and one Muslim woman were arrested in the U.K. over the last 24 hours. 2 persons were arrested in Pakistan in connection with the latest terrorist act of blowing upwards of 10 or more aircraft over the ocean between the U.K. and the U.S. On CTV news they are telling us that at least there are 50 more people being looked for in connection with this event today.

There are 1.3 million Muslim people living in the U.K. and there are at least 1 million Muslim people living in Canada. You can get this information on the Stats Canada Website. I take my numbers from the news reports I have seen throughout today. One can imagine that in 2001 there were 579,640 muslims in Canada, this is 2006 that number has seriously risen.

As of late I have been called a racist person. People seem to think I write racially motivated posts here and I have been called a racist by some of the administration of my own university. So let's get this subject on the page. If you are going to hire a teacher to teach students in the language of English or French, I must say that that teacher be proficient in the language to which they are teaching in. Because of my administrative complaint of one of my professors who is not from North America. I made a statement - I meant what I said. I am not racist, if a professor cannot proficiently speak the language, then they should not be teaching should they?

Some days ago I made some statements about the (Wests) incursion into the Muslim world. I spoke prematurely!! It was reported on many news services today that (Muslim) extremists and those who are sympathetic to the Militant and Extremist Muslim clerics, are targeting Western "targets" because to senselessly kill a Westerner sends a message to the people and governments of those nations, as if to say, you are at war with us in Iraq and Afghanistan and the areas surrounding them, the mere fact that you are Westerners makes you a target, so we will kill your people because you kill us.

You know an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Something like that...

The U.K. is - by default the next logical target because they have supported the U.S. in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And there are 1.3 million reasons why Islamic terrorists are targeting the people in the U.K. Some of those 1.3 million people are disenfranchised youths. This is a common problem like in France - remember the riots and the burning cars in the streets??

It is hard to stand in the middle of the room and remain neutral on this subject, every day that goes by and things just get worse. What do you say to the violence and the desire of some Islamic terrorists to KILL WESTERNERS???

Everyday Muslim's interviewed in the U.K. or the U.S. or Canada may not agree with the violence and they may tell reporters that Extremism and Terrorism is not a factor in the faith of Islam. So where do we rank extremist and fanatical Islam under the broadening umbrella of Islam as a whole religion?

There are many disenfranchised Muslim youth around the world - and whose fault is that? Do we tighten our borders and become a country that religiously profiles applicants and refugees?
Do we shut down neighborhoods and profile our neighbors? Do we live in fear now, now that we know that a possble attack is and may be immanent in North America? What do we Canadians do? Are we supposed to watch and say, eh, that's over there, it's not here! But recently they arrested 19 people in Ontario on suspect terrorist charges, so no we are not immune.

Do we in Canada have the right to profile anyone for fear of terrorism? The people on the South side of the Northern Border want the U.S. to look into tightening the borders of Canada and between the border between Mexico and the U.S. to hopefully stop some terrorist persons from crossing into the U.S. from Canada or from Mexico.

How are we supposed to move forward when it is the Islamic Jihadist and the Muslim extremist who is bringing bad fortunes on the many who wish to live in harmony with one another. How do we move forward when there is a sheer numbers factor when looking at the faiths as they are represented around the world - by location. Islam is manking a push to eradicate the Jews and Christians from the earth so the world will become one earthly Islamic state.

How do you feel about that???

It is in Pakistan, as was reported tonight, that the masterminds and the camps that trained these latests terrorists in the ways of chemical bombs and were financed and protected from there. BUT Pakistan did assist in the arrest of two men, but no more...

And it is reported that Pakistan could not or would not go after the TOP masterminds behind the Muslim extremists in their country because of politics and their own safety. Who knows where Osama and his henchmen are - some say they are living in the hills and mountains in Pakistan. Which means that Islamic fanatical terrorist holds the Pakistani President and people as hostages while they BREED, TRAIN and FUND those people who are then SENT to areas of the world to MAIM, DESTROY and KILL Westerners. It's the same thing in Afghanistan with the taleban, control by domination and fear.

How will we ever end the scourge of Islamic terrorism when they have places that they can hide and operate out of without impunity??? As long as Leaders of nations that house, finance, train and support fanatical terrorists are allowed to do so, they do so with the understanding that the rest of the world is watching and paying attention.

I am afraid the day will come when us Westerners get fed up of this shit and come after those folks in your countries and we begin to drop bombs on your mountains and hills to route out and kill those terrorists who send their fighters out into the world to kill others without mercy, in the hopes that:

(Eschatalogically - the hadith is: a Muslim man would give himself up to die in the killing of others (Christians and Jews etc...) Because when they become martyrs they enter into paradise with 72 mansions, with 72 beds with 72 virgins each) This plays into the sexual repression and segregation of boys and girls from an early age, where sex is used to incite men into these despicable acts of terrorism, where the sexual "quotient" is ratcheted up severely.

To die as a martyr is the highest reward for an extreme Muslim. I received this teaching tonight by a very learned scholar and lecturer that I heard overnight. And he explained alot about this situation now facing the middle east.

The United States and other countries have not done enough to end this crisis, and Iran is the country we should really be worried about. We need to weed out the Islamic fundamentals from Pakistan, because when Pervez Musharraf is gone then a radical Islamic leader may and probably will take his place and that - my dear friends will be the deathknell for Christians and Jews worldwide.

So let us dispence with diplomacy and waiting on diplomats and enough with the special forces commandos, just wipe them out totally, one bomb, one run, vaporize them all to hell where they belong.

Westerners are not safe in any country. Al Qaida and Terrorism has a presence all over the world, and now North America, Canada, the U.K. are all on the highest alert - and travelers are being inconvenienced because of the latest terrorist threat. There goes summer vacation...

Not to mention that many security agencies, it was reported, have failed in bringing airports"up to speed," when it comes to terrorism and airport security.

I guess you got to have your priorities right.

We need to stop the queers from marrying and getting rights of marriage and the U.S. needs to wage a war in Iraq, Halliburton and Vice President Cheney needs to keep his millions and minions happy with war contracts in Iraq, , meanwhile the terrorists target and infiltrate the pourous systems of borders and countries worldwide without notice, while the people of the U.S. and other countries fight over gay marriage and homosexuality and who has more money.

The U.S. president has led all of US on this journey like Alice down the rabbit hole, and now we are all paying for that, because Bubba Bushy had to go to war with Iraq, because there were weapons of mass destruction there with Saddam. BUT as of today, we haven't found them, yet the president of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, may be racking up his aces and may have a nuclear bomb that some say he will use later in the month, or have the technology to do so by then.

Terror has been struck in the hearts and minds of everybody world wide. And we are just supposed to sit back and allow Islamic Extremist terrorists to kill innocents because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The presence of Westerners on the sands of Islam are the reason that terrorism is running at a fever pitch! The reason that innocents are being targeted is to punish the United States, Canada and the U.K. and any other nation that has supplied soldiers to any of those regions. Terrorism has been linked in numerous countries all over the world in the last 10 years, many of them directly linked to Al Qaida.

WE ARE BEING PUNISHED for the actions of our leaders. No Westerner is safe any more, not that we haven't been safe in the past. AS long as we stay out of the line of fire or the sights of some deranged fanatical terrorist.

I may have been a little forgiving in saying that the West may want to get out of Islamic territories and that maybe the Christian West needs to leave the nations of Islam alone. HOW do we do that today, when many major Islamic countries are targeting Westerners and Jews. The Islamic world is attempting to repeat the Holocaust over again, even though the faith of Islam denies that the Hitler Holocaust never happened, go figure. If we forget the past we are doomed to repeat it over and over. Iran and Hezbollah want to annihilate the People and Nation of Israel and Israel sits in the middle being encroached on all sides by Muslim nations.

It is said that 22 August (See Article Below) is the day that the prophet transfigured from Mecca to Jerusalem and this is supposed to bring about the next Messiah of Islam. And biblically, the anti christ of the Islam faith is the antithesis of Islam. And the anti-christ of the christians is the messiah of Islam, which is to come. Nowhere biblically is it stated that at the end times are ANY Christian city destroyed. Yet the religion of Islam is trying to destory everyone else. Israel is in a catch 22 situation with all sides around it being Muslim and they are in an agreement with the U.S. and a few other nations.

This is an eschatalogical arguement, we must look at religion scientifically. There is a very wide expanse between the Jews, Christians and Muslims. Where Islam is changing from a RELIGION into a Political movement. Where dogma is becomming law, and Islam endeavours to change the systems and beliefs of the world to those of Islam. This IS a huge problem because Radical Islam does not see all religions co-existing peacefully. As far as Islam is concerned Islam is the faith to beat and all others are unimportant and useless.

THAT is a serious claim.

One must look below the surface to realize and learn what the real issue is between the Palestinians and the Jews and this Muslims to really understand why this is still raging on over there. I learned alot about this subject on a most incredible show on Coast to Coast Am tonight with a guest named Walid Shoebat at:


or you can go to the Coast to Caost website
and that link is: HERE .

If Pakistan falls to Muslim extremists in the departure or death of the current leader, we will have have several Islamic nations in the controlling position all over the world. And Why haven't we gone after those we need to? Stop wasting time in Iraq and go after the Islamic camps and people in the hills and mountains of Pakistan and END the tyrrany of Iran because if Iran gets the bomb - we are in trouble. They may already have a bomb. The President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has motive and he is fucked in the head. If we don't do something soon, we may all be sorry.

It is said in prophetic Qur'an writings that when the Islamic Messiah comes the world will be in chaos ( well the world is in chaos and in the middle of wars on several fronts IN that regions) and the Islamic messiah will come and end the strife and destruction and offer a seven year peace deal, Christians on the other hand see this person as the Anti-Christ. We are coming up on some prophetic times in the Muslim holy calendar.

So BE PREPARED for anything.

IRAN is the Target we need to take out before they take anyone else out and Israel is at the top of their hit list. Iran is behind ALL of this strife all over they world by extention in Lebanon and Israel and in the Palestinian territores. Irans finger prints are all over this escalating war and take over of the Christian West and the Jewish state of Israel.

How can the Jewish State of Israel survive with the Extreme presence of Islam on all sides? Who will come to help them solve this issue? Nobody wants to mess with Pakistan, militarily because they have nuclear capabilites, but so does India and maybe countries in the far east. And Israel has nukes too, but Israel won't go after Syria or Iran, just yet without some serious firepower backup. The U.S. does have nukes as well.

We don't want Islamic countries to have nuclear or dirty bomb capabilities because that destabilizes the entire region. If we mess with Pakistan militarily that could backfire in our faces, so we must be very careful not to destabilize Musharraf's position too much. But mark my words, one day that BIG BOMB is gonna be dropped on the hills and those camps and those in them will become vaporized !!!

We do KNOW that Pakistan has the bomb - they showed it to the world. If a Radical Islamic leader takes power over in Pakistan, all bets are off for the rest of the world. The U.S. and Canadian and other governments better pay attention because I got this information from a PRIMARY SOURCE tonight. This will only get worse and - we must have HOPE as they Jews tell us. There has to be some hope or we are all dead.

Let's see you have Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, Jordanians, and Lebanese surrounding the land of Israel. To the south you have Northern Africa which is predominantly Muslim. In Africa you have a growing predominance of Muslim people, factions and laws, malitias and extremist factions.

How does one, who studies religion make his case that violence begets violence. Terrorism will not end the world and it will be stopped. It MUST be stopped. If so many Muslims want to kill Westerners how are we supposed to live in harmony with you - respecting your religion as viable and acceptible and RESPECTABLE when there is so much Extremist - Fanatical - Militant Islamic rhetroic and terror?

Islam does not want harmony with other religions, they want to overtake and rule the world with Sharia Law and Islamic dogma and doctrine, to get the world to convert to Islam or die, the Political movement is gaining speed, and if WE do nothing about it, remember these words:


Does the world of Islam want the West to be sunk into pits of dust and terror? Does the world of Islam want the West to sink into living in terror of the malitias that might control neighborhoods or groups of people? I don't think so, that's not going to happen here. I know that much of the extremist thinkers abhor and resent the wealth, wisdom and privelege of the West, therefore if we are sunk into the archaic past and we become like them, then maybe only then we will be acceptible to Fanatical Islamic ways of life.

To have nothing, to be nothing, to worship Allah and the Qur'an and forsake all that the West is to become like them. Islam is moving away from being a religion and moving into a world wide political movement hell bent on the destruction of the Christians and the Jews and to rule over all in one HUGE Islamic state. And you know if Israel looses the war in the long run, that entire region will go 100% Islam. Should we be afraid? Be very afraid. Because WE are next on the Islamic hit list, we have been on the hit list for decades.


Terrorism is evil - Terrorism must Stop - And those who are accountable for these actions must be brought to justice and the countries that support terrorists should be held accountable - AND including their leaders. (Read: Pakistan and Pervez Musharraf). Because really, if the presidents of countries who supply terrorists safe haven, financial freedom, and support, then they are just as complicit as those who support them internationally.

Islam is not going to take over the world
OR dominate it with TERROR!!

This world is coming to the brink of something huge and some Fanatic Crazy Fuck Leader is going to say something to incite the anger of his followers and God knows, people are suspect that one of those Fanatic Crazy Fuck Leaders has a bomb that he is going to deliver on someone
who that someone is - is still yet to be seen.

The world must know that terrorism is not going to become the norm all over the world and especially NOT the United States or Canada or the U.K. There is no easy way to share my disgust and hatred of Radical, Fanatic, Extremist Islamic terrorism and those who preach, teach and support those who would kill people without a second thought.

We all must be vigilant - in our neighborhoods, in our schools, in our lives, as we travel and do business. We must be vigilant and reports anything out of the ordinary or peculiar. So that we are not caught in the sights of someone who would kill us - for the sake of Allah and Islam.

But now, some will say, this is a racist post, that I am targeting Islam as a whole, and be certain I am not. I do not judge all for the sake of a few. I will not treat my Muslim friends any different tomorrow as I did yesterday. But I can speak on what I have learned and what I know to be true. I am not a racist, but I do discuss topics that might not be politically correct. But we must see the truth and try to stop the hatred and killing of westerners at the hands of terrorists.

I study Religion and I study people, and right now Islam is in the hotseat and it needs to stop its fanatic, Extremist arms from killing ANY MORE PEOPLE.

Terrorism will never win -
We will take you out and destroy you Be certain of that

WE will not go quietly
Into that Good Night...
WE will find you and we will hunt
you down like dogs until you are all dead
Be Certain of That
The U.S. will not let you come here and
convert Chritsian nations to Islam
That just AIN'T gonna happen
It ain't gonna happen in Canada

Article Below about August 22 -

By Robert Spencer | July 27, 2006(LINK HERE)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has frustrated Western officials by refusing to reply to their offer of various incentives in exchange for Iran’s discarding its nuclear program
until August 22. The Western governments had asked Ahmadinejad to reply by June 29; why would Tehran need two extra months?

Farid Ghadry, the president of the Reform Party of Syria, has offered a provocative explanation for this delay. He asserts that the Supreme National Security Council of Iran chose the August 22 date “for a very precise reason. August 21, 2006 (Rajab 27, 1427) is known in the Islamic calendar as the Night of the Sira’a and Miira’aj, the night Prophet Mohammed (saas) ascended to heaven from the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem on a Bourak (Half animal, half man), while a great light lit-up the night sky, and visited Heaven and Hell also Beit al-Saada and Beit al-Shaqaa (House of Happiness and House of Misery) and then descended back to Mecca.…”

The Night Journey, or Miraj, is central to Islam’s claim to Jerusalem as an Islamic holy city. According to Islamic tradition, Muhammad was carried on a Buraq, a miraculous horse with a human head, from Mecca to Jerusalem, where he ascended into heaven and met the other prophets. The only thing the Qur’an has to say about it is this: “Glory to (Allah) Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest Mosque, whose precincts We did bless, in order that We might show him some of Our Signs: for He is the One Who heareth and seeth (all things)” (17:1). There is no identification of the “farthest Mosque” with any mosque in Jerusalem in this, but the Hadith is very clear on the identification of its location with Jerusalem.

The traditions say that Muhammad and the Buraq, along with the angel Gabriel, went to the Temple Mount, and from there to heaven itself, where Muhammad encountered various prophets. In the sixth heaven was Moses, occasioning a dig at the Jews. “When I left him,” Muhammad says, “he wept. Someone asked him, ‘What makes you weep?’ Moses said, ‘I weep because after me there has been sent (Muhammad as a Prophet) a young man, whose followers will enter Paradise in greater numbers than my followers.’”

Evidently, however, Muhammad’s stories of his journey were not altogether convincing: even some of the Muslims abandoned their faith and challenged Muhammad’s most faithful follower, Abu Bakr, to do the same. Abu Bakr was contemptuous: “If he says so then it is true. And what is so surprising in that? He tells me that communications from God from heaven to earth come to him in an hour of a day or night and I believe him, and that is more extraordinary than that at which you boggle!” The world has continued to witness such unshakeable devotion from Muslims to this day.

Did Muhammad really go anywhere? According to his favorite wife, Aisha, he did not: “The apostle’s body remained where it was but God removed his spirit by night.” Nevertheless, the Night Journey has become firmly embedded in the Islamic consciousness, such that Muslims today celebrate it as one of the central events of Muhammad’s life. And now, according to Ghadry, Ahmadinejad is planning an illumination of the night sky over Jerusalem to rival the one that greeted the Prophet of Islam on his journey. What the Iranian President, he says, is “promising the world by August 22 is the light in the sky over the Aqsa Mosque that took place the night before. That is his answer to the package of incentives the international community offered Iran on June 6.”

Certainly a nuclear attack on Jerusalem or even an all-out conventional assault against Israel by Iran would be consistent with Ahmadinejad’s oft-repeated denials of Israel’s right to exist and recent predictions that its demise was at hand. He hinted at the use of nuclear weapons in his phrasing when he said that Israel “pushed the button of its own destruction” by finally retaliating against Hizballah’s relentless rocket barrage from south Lebanon.

“Arrogant powers,” Ahmadinejad said, “have set up a base for themselves to threaten and plunder nations in the region. But today, the occupier regime” – that is, Israel – “whose philosophy is based on threats, massacre and invasion, has reached its finishing line.”

Will he attempt to make good on these threats this year on the anniversary of the Miraj, illuminating the night sky over Jerusalem? Will Western powers heed Farid Ghadry’s words and move to stop Iran before it is too late?


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