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Tradition # 10 ... Mel Gibson and the "Programme of Recovery"

"Alcohoics Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues; hence the A.A. name ought never be drawn into public controversy."

My name is Jeremy and I am an alcoholic and an addict

Everyone says, Hello Jeremy

A Quote from Shane: East Meets West

"Mel Gibson's rep, when addressing his client's recent entry to rehab, was quoted as saying, "The guy is just trying to stay alive."

Yes, Mr. Gibson, I can imagine that it must be exceedingly difficult to be a multi-millionaire Hollywood sex symbol. I wonder how you do it all, and still find time to go to your White Supremacy Brotherhood meetings! It must be REALLY rough for you. No wonder you turned to booze!"


I talked to my friends about this issue and what I was going to write. Since I am in recovery I will comment on Mel Gibsons issue of seeking help in a "programme of recovery" as the BBC quotes. Over the years since I got sober in 1994, the first time, I have seen celebrities come to meetings that I was at, in Miami and in Montreal. Many celebrities come to small meetings hoping for the protection of the bonds of anonymity. Something AA prides itself on. I do not speak for AA, because AA as a whole has no opinion on outside issues, but I do.

But after the James Frey fiasco and the Anthony Goodby Johnson saga I have become critical of celebrity in the media hiding in the rooms of recovery hoping to redeem themselves in the act of getting clean and sober. I must remember that the rooms of AA and rooms of recovery should always be open to those who are sick and suffering.

But I draw the line in the sand between them and me - those people who think that a 28, 30 or 60 day stint in some center of recovery is going to exorcise the demons of addiction and make them a new person in the eyes of the media, the press and the Hollywood community. That is false hope and just based on ones ego and pride. Pride cometh before the fall.

That is why I stated the 10th tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous before this report. Alcoholism is a lifetime disease that takes a lifetime of work. You just don't shell out a few thousand dollars for a stay at Betty Ford and hope to get better - like going though an exorcism or alcoholorism.

Mel Gibson is a hot head. He is arrogant and prideful, he sidestepped the real questions about his integrity and honesty. When Diane Sawyer asked him "if he was an Anti-Semite" and he said and I quote "I am not an Anti-Semite, that goes against the tenents of his faith!"

YET, on a drunken tirade once again, he went after the "Jew cop" who arrested him. Asking the cop "if he was a Jew and stating that the Jews were the cause of all the wars in the world." Does this strike you as anything but insane to state that "Anti-Semitism is beneath him," yet under the influence he says what he did, telling us how sorry he was and that he did not mean to say what he did?

Is an Anti-Semitic Tirade the consequences of getting caught on a DUI? Does your mind revert into a "Hitleresque" space when you are insane and drunk? Because you DO have some severe anger issues, just look at much of your earlier works and movies. You've played insane crazy cops who liked to shoot people with real guns and bullets. You may have shot yourself here today, and I have no pity for you or people like you.

I am an alcoholic and an addict in recovery

And never once, that I can remember or has it ever been reported to me that I was Racist, or Anti-Semitic or anything of that matter when I was drunk. Mel Gibson is not sorry for what he said, MEL GIBSON IS ANGRY THAT HE GOT CAUGHT. Do I feel sorry for him, NO!

Do I think he needs help, if he is real and honest about getting clean and sober then sure I would support him, like any alcoholic in the room or at a meeting that I am at. But I don't think that he has one clue what the program of recovery means.

He is trying to save face in the press and keep his career on track because Disney is going to put out his next movie in the fall, and that would be a real kick in the rubber parts for his movie NOT to be opened and a disgrace from the Disney Corporation would be too costly for him and his movie.

Once Disney shuns a movie and its director, the fall will be swift and painful.

MEL GIBSON is making his swan dive from Grace and not even the rooms of recovery can save him now, save a miracle from his Vatican I church of faith that sustains him. You know that Mel Gibson is also a pre-Vatican II catholic who believes in the "old ways of the church" he has his won church that he participates in like some special star power church akin to other power broker religions and religious people of recent press.

I have the utmost disdain for celebrity and the way celebrities take advantage of the world that we all live in just because they are rich, powerful and famous. Oh, I'll go to rehab, clean up my act and get on with making millions and not give one red cent or one moment back to the community that helped them get clean and sober... Take, Take, Take... I am talking about Kate Moss and many others. YOu celebrities who hid in the rooms of recovery and did not learn one Gaod Damned thing, you know who you are. So you got clean and you got a slew of new fashion contracts and you are at the top of your game, what have you done for the members of your community lately?

James Frey went to Hazeden and wrote a book about his exploits and his lies and deceit ridden recovery story. What a crock of shit! Now he's famous even after Oprah emasculated him on national television because he is still reaping the rewards of celebrity, BECAUSE of his so public fall from grace in front of the world at the hands of Oprah Winfrey.

Celebrity sells even if it is is corrupt and vile

Mel Gibson would be welcome at any meeting of AA that I was sitting in for the one fact that he is trying to change his life, if that is what he is wanting to achieve. But if you ask me, this is all a great publicity ploy to save face and keep his career in tact. Going into a program of recovery will illicit pity and understanding from the general public that he is trying to mend his evil addictive ways.

But I am an alcoholic and an addict

We will say anything to anyone just to make ourselves look good in the crunch, when the chips are down. And Just because you take the alcohol out of the Anti-Semite, you still retain the Anti-Semitic person. He wants to meet with Jewish Leaders, what a crock of shit that is!

Once you say the words - they are out there in the world.

You cannot take them back. Anti-Semitism is unacceptible, given the severity of the words and the history of Anti-Semitism in the world.

If you take a horse thief who is an alcoholic to a meeting and he gets sober, you take away the booze, he still remains a horse thief. Once an addict always an addict. 28 or 30 or 60 days does not equate sobriety. Just because you enter a program of recovery in the public eye, does not absolve you of your sins. It doesn't absolve any of us of our sins.

You work to regain peoples trust and respect just like the rest of us who fought tooth and nail to get clean and sober and work out our issues and work our steps to the best of our abilities year after year, day after day, hour after hour. It takes an alcoholic to know an alcoholic. I don't believe one word of his very public international apology. This is a great publicity stunt if you ask me. I don't have pity on sick - fuck up - celebrities. You have all the money and privelege. You can pay for sobriety in cash and get relief, so they say, us commoners pay with our lives.

Don't even think you can include yourself in the same program of recovery like I am in, because you surely are not like me and you never will be - nor will you ever learn.

The rooms of recovery are not way stations and rest homes for the over priveleged to rest and recuperate while those of us who are really sick are suffering and trying to get it right this time, because 98 % of people in recovery never make it, that leaves 2% that do.

Get Honest and turn your priveleged life around
Or don't bother even starting - because I will have
if this is just a great
publicity ploy for sympathy and pity
And Nobody else will either
And wouldn't that be just a nightmare!!!!

You get caught with drugs or alcohol and you get rehab or therapy. What do you loose? Not a god damned thing. You get your life back, your retain your money, prestige and power and what do you give back to those of us who sit in the trenches working to get the common person get better? Those of us who host/chair meetings daily and weekly? Those of us who keep the rooms of recovery open. Do you really know what alocholism is, or do you just drink because you can and because that is part of the "Celebrity Lifestyle" and now you got caught, and say "Oh, I have battled alcoholism for years!" Well if you've been battling alcoholism for years, then YOU KNEW you had a problem with "the drink" and you still got drunk AND you got behind the wheel of a car


Shame on Fucking you. Now you deal with your addiction like any other alcoholic and addict. The only difference that I can see between a celebrity alcoholic and a garden variety alcoholic is the cost of the alcohol you drink and the frequency you drink it and the people you choose to drink it with. Most of us in the trenches will never see privelege like you do on a daily basis.

May I suggest you NOT go to some cushy rehab center for the elite star ego driven alcoholic and addict. May I suggest you attend meetings with the commoners of your community and you sit and listen to the stories of the common garden variety alcoholic and see the ravages of alcoholic madness on the really low bottom drunk. Because if you do not, and you choose the half measures approach to recovery, then you will have taken the easy road that so many think that they can and succeed. You bring the Words "Programme of Recovery" a bad name by your ease to use us to feed your need and your ego. If you choose the half measures route we will not stand with you, because you will not be one of us. And we see men and women like you come and go week in and week out, season by season, year by year. Don't bring shame to the people who work daily to get clean and sober, and don't bring shame to those who help and counsel them and support them in their daily lives and do not ride our coat tails into the sunset into your minions and your riches. Do not bring shame to the rooms of recovery with your pride and arrogance.

of us who work so hard to maintain those
rooms of recovery




Blogger Beverly said...

I like your idea in your last paragraph!

There is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge sitting around those round tables in the back of dark hidden rooms..

10:32 PM  
Blogger Scog Blog said...

So much anger, so much pain.

I agree there is no excuse for his comments and behaviour.

Keep on keeping on. There is little justice in this world but I await the coming of the Kingdom.

6:10 AM  
Blogger Trudging said...

It is a bad deal all around

9:12 PM  

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