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Last night - while laying in my cozy bed playing Sodoku, we listened to Coast to Coast as usual. I have not written so much about war and dead soldiers because I don't have a handle on MidEast policy nor do I have the desire to raise the ire of any of my readers or the public at large, but I do have an opinion. I have several opinions.

Canada sits very precariously on the edge of the cusp of becomming a full 100% percent supporter of the American President Bubba Bushy. It is said that Steven Harper supports the Middle East policy that Bubba Bushy maintains to this day. There are millions of people across Canada demonstrating in the streets - like they did at the onset of the Iraq war. We demonstrated against the war and the U.S. and now we are demonstrating against our own government and our leader Steven Harper.

The immigrant communities in Canada of peoples from the Middle East, Israel, Lebanon and many others ethnic groups are calling for an end to these hostilities. We plead with the governments of the world to get up and say "Enough is Enough" already. You do know that if this conflict escalates any further there is a good chance that these people fighting will kill every soul on the ground and flatten every building, home and road that is still standing amid all the destruction that has already happened.

Americans have been trained and conditioned over the generations that a conflict must always be going on to enforce patriotism and zeal for ones country. Nothing unifies a nation under the flag of a nation, than to be invovled in conflict and armed conflict somewhere in the world. We saw this in the two world wars, we saw this in Viet Nam and Korea and now we see it in Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. has not entered into the Middle East conflict YET, but give it time. The United States does not televise the repatriation of dead soldiers to the United States to keep the number of dead soldiers out of the daily consciousness of their people so that they will continue to support the president and his decision to remain STUCK on sending more troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. He maintains that democracy Must take hold in a Muslim region of the world. Does that sound like rational thinking or does it sound arrogant and ignorant? And you wonder why Muslims all over the world resent and hate America, and by extension and guilt by association Canada???

Islam and Muslims, let me talk about this for a moment. Last night on Coast to Coast, some asshole called Art to speak his disagreement that there is NOT a conflict between the Christian West and the Muslim (Islamic) Middle East. You are misinformed and wrong. Armchair men and women in the United States who do not study religion like I do and the fact that not many Americans really know what is going on in the Middle East, you should all keep your fucking mouths shut, and stay out of discussions that you surely have no right in making your opinions known. Because you are so illiterate and stupid.

The West ( we call this North America) and the United States has been trying to subdue and convert the Muslims and Islam to all things western, democratic and Christian. There is a huge imbalance of forces. There are three times as many Muslim men and women in the world as there are Christians. We are severly outmanned and out numbered. Let us also add to this count the fact that HezBollah and the Iranians want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

Let us look at the fact that Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Northern Africa and the areas surrounding the Fertile Crescent are all MUSLIM areas. Islam is the major religion of the region. There are more of them than there are of US. I am adding Canada into the fray of Western Nations. Not to mention the addition of Muslim faith into the Far East. If one reads the Hadith's and the Qur' an there are many references to the propogation of Islam across the earth. I don't know many Americans or Canadians for that matter who study Islam or read the Hadith's from the Scholars of Islam. I do study religion and I am familiar with the faith of Islam.

I do not support nor condone the use of killing, suicide bombers or the fatwas for the killing of the infidels or the christians. If death and martyrdom is necessary to enter the kingdom of heaven, then good for them. But My God does not ask me to sacrifice my mortal being to enter the kingdom of God. There have been conficts between the Christian West and the Middle East for centuries. Read the books that I have read, and study the life of the Prophet. Read the stories of the Crusades and the Knights Templar and the kings of early Christian history.

This is an ideological fight. The three major ideological faiths are stuck in a life or death battle for the right to exist, the fight to carve out and maintain a place for each to live peacefully, and the fight to try to annihilate the weaker in the hopes of wiping that ideology off the face of creation. The Christian West, the Judaic Israel and the Middle East people of Muslim heritage. All of these faiths have been fighting on and around this little strip of land we call Israel and Palestine for centuries. Does anyone not know this or are you just not paying attention to religious histories?

This war to control the Holy land has been going on since before Jesus and the Prophet walked the earth. What has changed but the generations and the addition of Islamic fundamentalists, fundamentalism has become the weapon of choice for many of the three monotheistic religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. In America we have Christian Fundamentalists, who fight against indiscretion and all things profane. Islamic Fundamentals found in America are jailed, tortured and sent to prisons in other parts of the world without assistance to protect the homeland from those who would destroy it.

Do Americans realize that Islamic fundamentalists bombed the WTC, flew planes into those buildings and brought them down, they bombed the Kobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, The bombing of the U.S.S. Kohl, The bombings in Bali and the suicide bombers and fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine. Do you not see the connection and the strife and the conflict that exists between the Christian West and the Middle Eastern Muslims, Hamas and Hezbollah? Islamic Fundamentals want to destroy the infidels and the Christians who have come into their lands and have attempted to convert Islamic nations to democratic Christian ways of life. Syria and Iran are right there at the top of the financial and hardware (war) support of those militants who kill Westerners, who want to exterminate the Israeli's and kill the infidels. Hamas and HezBollah are two of the groups that the world knows very well.

I am not saying that I support Islamic Fundamentals, but I do wonder if we (the West) should step back and realize that Islam has been around alot longer than Christianity. Do we belong in the areas that were carved out by the Prophet? Do we believe that the West knows better than they do? I am all for religious tolerance, but I do not in any way condone the actions or wills of the Islamic fundamental communities. I don't believe that there is any honor in killing ones self or the killing of innocents just because you do.

Aside from the fact that Syria and Iran are fueling this war, I wonder where the Jordanians and the Saudis are in the middle of this maelstrom of war and destruction? These conflicts would come to the end if those countries in the region who have spoken out against these actions got up and really did something about these groups killing each other in war, and killing innocent civilians on either side of these conflicts. We could stem the tide of religious fundamentalists killing Westerners if the nations that were powerful stopped the flow of cash through the Middle East.

If you cut off the monetary and armament flow - you stop the ability of those who kill and maim from doing these acts. BUT the Saudis, the Jordanians and other influential countries have failed to step up and to do anything diffinitive.


Ok, enough of that shit...

I hate the bagpipes - did you know that??

To make sure Candians see the cost of war on our society, every time a Canadian Soldier dies in the Middle East or in a war zone like Afghanistan or Baghdad, we get to see the ramp ceremony at the bases where they have been serving. We get to see thousands of soldiers stand at attention to honor the fallen soldiers who have died or been killed. We see this on national television here. When Steven Harper tried to stop these ceremonies from being televised like the Americans, that initiative failed miserably.

So we see every

Every night on television, we get the war dead count. Every day, it seems now, another military transport brings home more dead soldiers. We get to watch the ramp ceremonies from places like C.F.B. Trenton in Ontario and other bases here in Canada. We see the repatriation of each and every casket that is flown home - carrying dead soldiers. Every time one hears the bagpipes on the news or on news radio, we know that another soldier is coming home to be buried. We see, hear and feel the death of each and every soldier that has died in the service of their country and Canadians could not be prouder of their men and women in uniform.

Last night I was laying in bed and what do we hear at the top and bottom of every news hour, FUCKING BAGPIPES!!! Four more soldiers came home yesterday, another one returns today, more ramp ceremonies - more war dead. I think, we as Canadians, need to reassess our commitment to war zones, as it seems that more Canadians are dying as of late, than have been killed in as many months, and we just sent another group of soldiers into the breach this week.

I am all for supporting my country and her soldiers. But for God's sakes I am getting tired of listening to and watching repatriation ceremonies on television and hearing them on the radio each and every night. Does this mean I am unpatriotic NO, not in the least. I think we should pull out of war zones. I think the price of life costs too much on our society. I think all Canadians are beginning to question the wisdom of our military leaders. We have seen enough dead soldiers. It is time to bring them all home. We have seen enough destruction of families. There are too many children today, that are now motherless and fatherless.

Fundamentalism IS a problem. Fundamentalism grows like rabbits procreate - Exponentially. It is a fact we can no longer afford to ignore. We must call on nations in the Middle East to stop them, to cut off the money supply - to stop the movement of arms, weapons, bombs and missiles. This has to happen and sooner than later or alot more people are going to DIE !!!

The longer the West remains in conflict in areas that are predominantly Muslim, the more dead we are going to see. The longer that the West believes that WE have all the answers and the way to govern and live, the longer the resentments of the fundmentalists will continue and fester and grow in anger, hatred and revulsion. Do we really understand how far Islamic Fundamentalists will go to to KILL US? Or has this thought not crossed anyones minds lately? Nobody is immune to fundamentalist groups, they are all over the world funded by organizations financially, they are funded by countries who have the power to orchestrate huge conflicts. Do we really not understand this TRUTH? Or are we going about this ignorantly and blindly?

How many more dead soldiers do we need to repatriate before Canadians get up and say ENOUGH already for Christ sakes!!!

It seems that every day now another Canadian (numbers of Canadians ) die (s) in some crash, bombing, accident or conflict. The Taleban is doing its best to mentally fuck us over. Canadians are dying, that is the bottom line, and are their lives lived in vain? Are we as a country sending our young people, men and women into harms way - ignorantly? Don't we get it - or haven't we seen enough death ???

YES by all means...


The United States got themselves into this war
they can get themselves OUT of the war,
we need to stop ENABLING the U.S. President.
This is enabling on a global scale.

Imagine if all the conflicts of the world were brought to an end. Imagine, just for a moment what it would be like if we had 48 hours of peaceful coexistence around the world! We need to stop the exponential reproduction and transmission of extremism and religious fundamentalism. Or this planet is going to implode on itself. If enough people kill each other, war is pointless. let them fight amogst themselves and let them kill each other, sooner or later they will all be dead, and we can bury them and stop the wars that rage on around the globe.


Blogger Crystal said...

Like many people, I am following the news of the conflicts in the Middle East, but I haven't blogged about it because it's difficult to know what to say. You are brave for taking on this subject, this is a really smart post. War is often pointless, yet necessary to "protect one's turf". The West carved out Israel from Muslim land, setting up these last 50yrs of unrest and war, and having Israel being there is really a no-win situation. I hope the U.S. will stop meddling in the affairs of other countries, many Americans are NOT supportive of our country's imperialist tendencies.

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