Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday musings....

Last night I spent 3 hours playing Sodoku, I am getting pretty good at solving the puzzles in the book I have. Some of the puzzles are difficult, in the "easy puzzle" section of the book. Some of them I have worked on I have solved inside of 30 minutes. If it takes me more than 45 minutes to solve a puzzle - then I know I need to put the book down and take a rest.

I didn't get to church today because I got a call from the Mother House yesterday, so today I spent the better part of the early afternoon sitting by my aunt's bedside in the infirmary of the Mother House. She is weak and has not eaten alot in the past few days, which tells me that the end is near. I called some of the family, those who I thought would care that she was there, the rest I did not bother with, it's not like anyone is going to come to Montreal from my side of the family.

I have never been on the upper floors of the Mother House before. And so after my visit I wandered around the halls upstairs and surveyed the space then I went to the chapel to pray. Sister Agathe was in the chapel when I got there, she is my contact in the mother house when and if the time comes.

The sun is shining and the tems outside are just wonderful. (26c) outside and they say it's gonna rain tonight and tomorrow. It was really nice last night - the breeze as cool and pleasant. It doesn't feel like fall YET. The temps will start moderating in the coming weeks though.

That's all for my afternoon ramblings. I'm not full of words at the moment.

Let us keep sister Georgette in our prayers.


Blogger Beverly said...

I will definately keep her in my prayers...I love you...

7:23 PM  

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