Thursday, August 03, 2006


Do you SODOKU?

SO, if you don't, go to your local book seller or magazine shop or corner store and buy yourself a Sodoku book. My friend Ms. Nikki bought me a Sodoku book for my birthday and The other night I started "Sodoku'ing." I took me two days to figure out the first puzzle because this old man is not one for numbers and mathematics was my weakest subject in school, suffice to say, with a little perseverance I made my way through the first "grid." That grid took me two days to figure out, well, not two days as in 48 hours, but two time periods at bed time. We go to bed around 1 and listen to Coast to Coast and I usually read and hubby sleeps. The past two nights I spent sitting up until 5 am (Sodoku'ing)... It is an addictive numbers puzzle. The afternoon hubby and I went shopping to get me some birthday goodies and we ended up at (INDIGO) booksellers.

I did some book shopping and got a text called The Gnostic Gospels written by the Gnostic Gospel Scholar herself, Elaine Pagels. She is a rock star scholar in my book. I'd LOVE to take a class or attend a lecture by her. When we got to the check out line, there is a path one must navigate to check out on the first floor around stacks of "stuff" and trinkets and "Impulse Purchase" items. There were these great little blue suitcases like a (do you know what a pencil box is?) we used to carry them around in junior and middle school to carry around out pencils and protractors and pens, this was before the dawn of the ever popular "backpack." Anyways, it was a box set of what... wait for it ... a SODOKU super set... I was salivating at the sight of a comprehensive Sodoku box set of games.

They say the older you get, the more you should engage your brain to keep the brain firing - that's why we see all of these little hand held "thinking games" like on P.D.A.'s and PSP's and in the crossword and now Sodoku books of mind games. I spent 3 hours last night from 2 to 5 in the morning sitting up in bed Sodoku'ing!! Oh My God... it is so fun !!! That was one of the best gifts I have been given in as many years. It's a simple games based on single numbers. The Sodoku site is hyperlinked at the top there ... A little brian game before bed.

I got some new music from my wishlist. A little LIFEHOUSE and some Soultry - Sexy - Caliente Nelly Furtado... Aye Caramba, Mamasita, Fuerte y Mas Caliente...

I just love Lifehouse and Nelly.

Hubby and I spent the afternoon together just walking around downtown - it was nice out today, so we took the train into the centre, we did some shopping and then had some lunch. The "OutGames" boys were all over the place, so it was a gay day around Montreal Centre downtown. We took the long route home to make some stops at the bank and to window shop, you know us girls live to window shop, especially when there are cute boys involved!! HAHA !!

The weather has eased off today, Jeez, they say it's gonna rain tomorrow. Oh, and I got a call from the "Christ Church Cathedral" this afternoon. I have an appointment to meet Joyce Sanchez, an associate "Priest" of Christ Church Cathedral. I always believed that God was a woman. You know, let the men fight amongst themselves, but wait, wait for it, when God - the Mother of all - get's angry enough, well, just wait... she is gonna kick some serious ass. Cause you know she ain't happy with the state of the world - watch out...

I am gonna end this post here cause I have nothing witty or fantastical to say. Have a good weekend. I will update more later as the spirit moves me.


Blogger Nurse Mia said...

I have indeed been known to soduku. ;-)

6:32 AM  
Blogger Beverly said...

no, i don't sodoku...but, if you hum a few bars...

Jeremiah..lets do lunch!!!

9:05 AM  

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