Monday, August 14, 2006

He moved the fence...

I heard this story recently - and I may have read it in Going to Heaven or one of the preachermen shared it with me, anyways, I thought about it for a reply to the PreacherBoy so I wanted to post the story here for you to ponder. Anyways, this is what came to me tonight.

Rita Snowden tells a story of the war.

In France some soldiers with their sergeant brought the body of a dead comrade to a French cemetery to have him buried. The priest told them gently that he was bound to ask if their comrade had been a baptized adherent of the Roman Catholic Church.

They said that they did not know. The priest said that he was very sorry but in that case he could not permit burial in his churchyard. So the soldiers took their comrade sadly and buried him just outside the fence.

The next day they came back to see that the grave was all right and to their astonishment could not find it. Search as they might they could fine no trace of the freshly dug soil. As they were about to leave in bewilderment the priest came up.

He told them that his heart had been troubled because of his refusal to allow their dead comrade to be buried in the churchyard; so, early in the morning, he had risen from his bed and with his own hands had moved the fence to include the body of the soldier who had died for France. -- William Barclay


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Just lovely. You've definitely got me pondering, Jeremy.

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