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Eragon ( The Inheritance Trilogy

I think Christopher Paolini is a genius and if you haven't read the Inheritance trilogy you can visit the Alagaesia webiste: Here. I've read the first two books several times over and they are just amazing. I've posted some of the character shots from the Shurtugal website online. I can't wait for the film to make its debut in Canada. So without further Adoo here is



Eragon - The Motion Picture

The First of the Inheritance Trilogy
by Christopher Paolini
Motion Picture Release
December 15th 2006

Eragon pictured Above

The Lead Cast

- The Map -

- Murtagh -

- Brom -

The Central cast of the film:

Edward Speleers as Eragon
Chris Egan as Roran
Jeremy Irons as Brom
John Malkovitch as Galbatorix
Djimon Hounsou as Ajihad
Sienna Guillory as Arya
Robert Carlyle as Durza
Garrett Hedlund as Murtagh
Alun Armstrong as Uncle Garrow
Gary Lewis as King Hrothgar
Joss Stone as Angela
Tamisa Egerton as Katrina
Caroline Chikezie as Nasuada
Nils Allen Stewart as Lead Urgal


Blogger Beverly said...

stellar cast! I love Jeremy Irons! Joss Stone is in it? wow..

Hey, you, you made me laugh last made me laugh hard..thanks...and thanks for the wealth of information. are a good friend...your call was perfect timing..I think you call it some weird thing about the called me at just the right time...won't forget that..ever.......

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