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I guess since I have adopted Scott and Beverly into my family now and we are communicating directly and she has Also added me to her blog, Welcome to all of you from Scott and Beverly's sphere. I was notified that I was now Part of the sphere. Scott has been very gracious in "including" me in his sphere over in Hawaii !!!

I don't know how people may take this blog - some of the content is for adults only - and for those who are able to cope with some brutally honest and sometimes sexually expicit discussion. There is alot to read, and because I write daily about a myriad of topics, following along in the discussion will help you figure out where I am at any portion of the day.

Because this blog centers around my life, we will talk about gay issues, sex, marriage, HIV and illnesses And RECOVERY in the many forms that presents itself. Please know that I encourage discussion and questions, so don't be shy. I may not have all the answers or know, some days where I am mentally and emotionally or even religiously so, don't be shy.

Welcome aboard - I hope nobody is offended by the last few days writing, but I am preparing an essay to be published so I have resurrected some of my earlier writing to review and take some of my earlier perspectives and add them to a more contemporary and up to date view of religion and queer issues.

I have my days - and some of them are not easy - but I do my best. Welcome to the insane ramblings of a man trying to stay sober and christian one day at a time...


STAY in your DAY

One Day At A Time

Live - Easy - But - Think - First

The presence of divine breath...
and Mahalo
(May you be) in (Divine breath)



Blogger Beverly said...

we are family...I got all my sistas with me....yay..I love Jeremy!!

Just ran my 3 miles and staying on task buddy..thanks!!!

5:11 PM  

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