Saturday, July 01, 2006

To Dance...

There was a time in my past when going out to dance was therapeutic. In the womb of the protected space where I once lived, thrived and worked. Men and women I knew up in the booth that I worked with for so many years. After moving to Montreal, I used to go out to dance quite frequently. There is a place we used to go to on the weekends, and it was fun for a while - then things started to change amongst community, and going out was no longer an event but a chore.

Clubs are not what they used to be and music of old had gotten old. Just how much trash disco can one listen to over and over again. I don't get into all that trashy, techno rave music. I don't do drugs so the compusion to go out amid tweaking boys and men is unappealing. Nowadays I just stay at home and dance to our music on my personal computer system or on my MP3 player.

It's not that I can't dance, the venue has changed that's all...


Blogger Scott said...

Great post.

As a terminally BAD dancer, dancing was NEVER a way for me to score - it would just disgust whatever woman I was looking to attract.

So I became a musician - much better that way. Make HER dance, and reap the rewards.

3:10 PM  

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