Sunday, July 23, 2006

Thoughts on Sunday Night ...

Sunday is my alcove regeneration day. "Resistance is futile, you wil be assimilated!" Sleep is a necessary evil to living with HIV. Last night was the BIG NITE on radio. Mr. Art Bell of Coast to Coast radio was back on the air for the first time in as many weeks due to the hook up of the ISDN line to Manila, Phillipines. He was broadcasting from the other side of the word last night during a Typhoon!!! Holy goodness, he stayed on all night long. It was fabulous...

I am re-reading Elizabeth Kostova's novel called "The Historian." If you've never read a book by her, she is an amazing writer. This novel centers around the story of Drakula. I have been spending alot of time with my books as of late, reading late into the night. I find that incredibly soothing and calming.

It seems that over on Mount Adams in the cascade range, last night, that we are being visited my multiple space vehicles and persons from the Pleiadians (LINK) .

The Pleiadians are from a star system called Pleiades. This star system is a small cluster of seven stars located in the Constellation of Taurus the Bull. We call it the Seven Sisters. The Lyrans from Lyra are our common ancestors.

I found that information pretty interesting, You can go visit the Coast to Coast Website and see the recap of last nights show. The two things that caught my attention during the show last night were the words "Pure Intent" and "Open mindedness."

The reason being that if you have ever read any of the Kryon parables such as "The Journey Home" the story of Michael and the Seven angels, the angelic beings in that book are very similar, if not the same entities as the "Pleiadians."

Also, they use the same verbage as what was discussed last night, the thoughts of "Pure Intent and Open mindedness." The main focus of Michael's journey was to become Pure in Intent to "go home" and to have an open mind to make spiritual changes to his blody and soul through teaching and practice and letting go of the past. Another note of interest (getting rid of the past) and moving into the now consciousness. And The Mount Adams site is a retreat that one has to make reservations to visit and not come unannounced. It just seems a little TOO familiar.

It just sounded too "familiar" to me. You can visit the ECETI site at their link and read about their cosmology and practices. "Elightened Contact with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence." With alot of the reading that I have done over the years, I found too many similarities between the two mediums.


Today I slept in since I spent the night listening to Art Bell until 5 a.m. and got up around noon. I checked my mail and went back to bed since there was no action around and tv on Sunday sucks. I had this incredible technicolor dream. It lasted for hours on end. I was working in the huge outdoor grocery center with all these people - whom I knew in the dream. We were moving things out of a building into trucks as if the site is under construction. It was quite messy and dirty, to say the least. I worked in a grocery store when I was younger, my first job when I was a teenager.

The dream continued and it turned into a flight dream. Those are my favorites. I just glide over the people on the ground. I visited several places of ethic origin. I had the sense that I was seeing Hindi celebrations because of the visuals of the area, the smells of the food and the music by location. Between home and school there are several "places" where one can eat and smoke on a "Hookah." The second portion of my flight took me over Arabian desert and home locations. I have friends who live in Dubai and the scenery that was in the dream today were very familiar to me. The fact that I flew in amother dream signifies movement and surmounting something emotionally. Flight usually carries with it several meanings to those of us who study and document our dreams. And the fact that this dream session is still fresh in my mind at almost 11 p.m. at night - when I've been up since around 6:30 speaks volumes. I don't usually carry dreams into waking activity.

It's time for the news and I am going to go read. I have had a few conversations with friends I have not talked to in weeks - thank God for "messenger" and the internet technology od today. Now if I could only master the "Transporter" so I could go see these people or bring them here I'd be one happy camper...

Well, goodnight from Montreal.

Tomorrow is another day...


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