Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ring of Fire ( 101 ) My theory and some thoughts...

Many years ago, when I lived in Miami, it had to be a while back, I saw an IMAX Presentation of "The Ring of Fire" which was Amazing. I should see if I can find a copy for my home library. I've never seen it at my favorite DVD store, although I do have an incredible IMAX collection on Space and the Space Shuttle.

I have given you several reports from around the world - All of them came from the BBC, they seem to be up on all this science stuff as I am. Over the Summer we have seen Mount Merapi in Indonesia wake up and erupt and now the authorities have lowered the risk on the volcano. The other night I picked up the report about the Galeras Volcano in Colombia, a very dangerous volcano has awoken. And tonight I posted the report from Quito Ecuador and the Tungurahua volcano is also erupting.

The professor who taught my Natural Disasters Class earlier this Summer went to the West Coast and she saw first hand the Lava Dome in the crater of Mount St. Helen's Volcano in Washington State. that peak is just waiting to blow her cap. What do we know now this summer in factual terms? I asked this question in class one day about the speculation that IF a volcano erupted on one side of the Ring of Fire and Or an Earthquake happened in one area of the Ring of Fire, is there a slight possibility that the opposite side of the Ring would be respond/ or be affected in some way because of plate tectonics or energy transferrence over and under the earths crust down into the Hydroshpere or Lithosphere where plate tectonics reside?

She told us that there would be no correlating occurences at other points on the Ring.

Ok So...

In 2004 we had the Subduction event causing the Boxing Day Tsunami, which raised over 750 miles of plate surface across the bottom of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Indonesia. We have had earthquakes in the Tokyo/Asia and Indonesia areas in the last 2 months, we had a few shakes in California as well, that I had reported to you some weeks ago. Mount Merapi ramped up her smoke and erupted, and we have points on the Southern Pacific Rim becomming active, Colombia and Ecuador. We have moved from the Indian Ocean in 2004 to today. We have had event in East Asia, Japan and Indonesia. The U.S. Pacific Coast is shaking allbeit, very little shaking, but energy was released in a small quake off the San Andreas fault in an area that, is said, NOT to indicate something explosively dangerous, in earthquake disaster terms.

Volcanos in Ecuador and Colombia have awoken. I maintain, as I have since that class began that energy is being moved around the "Ring of Fire" in a clockwise fashion. From Indonesia and Asia to North America down to South America. Am I the only person that finds this of some interest to look at and see if there is something going on down there?

I have not seen a comprehensive report over the last 2 years as (tectonic/volcanic/subduction) movements have occurred. We would need to look at the frequency of events in each location to see if we are coming up to a cycle point of activity for that region. The distance between events and the magnitude of events are important indicators in the next Big Event that happens on any plate tectonic region.

Volcanos are erupting in areas that I have not seen reported in a long time, and that must account for something. It just seems to me that the Ring of Fire is cycling UP and around, which is an indicator that the earth may be going through a cycle of energy release, and if that is true then it is also possible to think that a major event is possible, based on the area, the time since the last Big activity and the frequency of activity in any given region.

If the Pacific Coast of South America is heating up, this could (speculative) warm the water currents that cycle through the Pacific at the equatorial regions and if water is heated up by volcanic or tectonic movement, then currents of warm water will be moved out from the coast into the Pacific which (again speculation) could bring about an El Nino or the cyclical warming cycle of Pacific Equatorial current (water) which in turn will ignite a negative feedback loop in North America, Central and South America.

The Earth is one big engine of energy and everything is connected. Tectonics moves land plates, subduction reclaims earth into the furnace of the earth. Volcanoes and Earthquakes and Undersea vents release earths energy as it it stored up and transferred by the tectonic cycle.

The Oceans have currents that move water, collect heat and transfer that heat, nutrients and sea life, all over the globe by way of currents. The Hydrological cycle moves air and water from the oceans into the atmosphere creating Rains, Storms, Typhoons and Hurricanes.

The Sun gives off radiation and heat that bombard the earth. More heat is present at the equator than at the poles. Wind currents and Hadley cells move heated air from the equator to the poles. Water currents move super heated waters away from the equator throughout the worlds oceans. The tectonic cycle moves the earth plates over the earth - over time and centuries.

Global Warming is a Fact

It is not speculation or something we need to discuss or test for or wait for more scientific studies to prove. We drill for oil, water, natural gas, minerals and precious stones such and so forth. Where there are drill holes into the earth, one must recognize that gasses from the earth, steam and water can escape. The people of the earth release tons of CFC's and other gasses and exhaust into the atmosphere daily, factories belch discharge into the air, cars, trucks and other vehicles discharge fumes as well into the air. Tons of Co2 is released into the atmosphere every day. The Ozone is shrinking, the earth is heating up.

This year Australia and India and Asia are getting slammed by monster Typhoons in the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Last year North America was bombarded by monster hurricanes. WHY? Because the earth's oceans, not to mention the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico ocean water at the surface was/is Extremely Warmer than usual, which fires up the hydrological cycle which in turn produced Monster Hurricanes that devasated the Gulf Coast and North-Western Florida.

The earths engine generates heat outwards, the hydrologic cycle moves air across the ocean water that is heated by solar radiation, in this hydrologic cycle the oceans surfaces are geated by the sun, and we know that the ocean is a HUGE collection dish of solar radiation, in the form of heat. Currents move that heat across the ocean.

We have abused "Mother Earth" and we have heated up the atmosphere over years of not being vigilant about the waste we send up into the air. So, you have Solar Radiation, Hydrologic Heat, Atmospheric Heating and tectonic movement, which releases energy and heat from the earth. All of these processes are connected and they feed off each other to create the Earth's Ecosystem.

Are we looking at an Earth Ecosytem beginning to wake up golbally? Should we be paying attention to what the "Earth" is trying to tell us? If volcanos are erupting and the earthquakes are happening, the earth is definitely letting go of some serious energy and heat. Mother nature is not happy and as of late the Universe has been crazy!! It has been all over the radio the past week. So what's going on?


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