Friday, July 14, 2006

Por Los Muchos Caminos de Dios ...

This is the text that I am presently working on editing. The text is a series of discussions on the topic of, shall I say the words, "Liberation Theology!" (John Paul II is rolling in his grave)

I feel very good tonight - after spending the entire afternoon with the first reading written by Marcelo Barros from Goias, Brazil. "Cultural and Religious Pluralism: A Pivotal Point for Liberation Theology." It's amazing just how well I remember my Spanish, that is my second language. I decided that I would read the translation along side the original Spanish text. How wonderful it feels to be doing something that I believe in, not to mention my desire to see something come of a new found relationship with another person.

The other night I got an email from the project manager and he asked me to work with this specific text because this was the chapter that would be sent to the publishers as soon as I was finished with it, I did that today. Out of 20 pages of text, I found very few questions and only one sentance that I thought could be worded differently. How KEWL is that ??? We are due to meet next week to go over the portion of texts I get done before our next meeting. I have all weekend to work on some other chapters.

My first exam in Race and Ethnicity in Canada is Wednesday ... and we were given a sheet of questions that must be taken seriously, if memory serves it is an open note test??? Monday is the review so I have some reading to do for that class as well.

Talking about University, I picked up my Application for Graduation for Spring 2007. I should get that in by the first deadline for applying in the coming weeks. The weather is going to be absoloootely steamy hot all weekend. Tomorrow night is the Canada presentation at the International Fireworks Festival at La Rhonde. We might go if it isn't too warm out.

We'll see about that...

I may wirte some more later... ttfn...


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