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Politics of war...

Everyone knows I am not the best at foreign diplomacy or political writing but, I do fancy myself a student of world events. Throughout the day I have watched the news roll across the screen, I am following news reports on many fronts. MSNBC and my favorite anchorman Tucker Carlson, I'm so glad they put him on earlier in the day.

The other News anchor Anderson Cooper, as said by Tucker Carlson, "ever the poet newsman" on CNN of Anderson. Clearly Tucker is in a league by himself , and sometimes Anderson waxes the poetic in serious situations, hes a writer you see, he's got a book to peddle while he flits across the war region.

I follow CTV News and CTV Newsnet as well the BBC from the UK, because we get all these news channels from Europe.

Tonights discussion is all about the governments of the world trying to get their nationals out of Lebanon by any means possible. Many ships and ferries have been hired to go in and extract civilians from the war zone. This takes time, you just don't remand a ship from her service to the hotzone without knowing who's available - and to move them from where they are to where they need to be, a ship can only sail so fast.

Most of these ferries and small cruise ships are not nuclear powered vessels with armaments and shields. One must first remember that these ships may have been in use and on their own runs and now they have to offload who they were carrying and relocate, and that does not happen overnight.

Whether or not the government is moving fast enough is not the question, that they have begun to try and facilitate the extraction of foreign nationals from the hotzone is admirable allbeit, a little late, but who could have predicted this escalation to move to the degree it has?

From where I sat, it was obvious, I guess world leaders are not watching the same TV that I am? You think?

Never leave GWB in front of a live microphone with his mouth full because he shot is mouth off again, but I wonder, was he right in his assessment? It is said that the Canadian government and the other G-8 leaders were doing Bushy's bidding, if so, then sad for them. At least the Canadian government is doing something to get our people out of harms way at 1:13 a.m. on Monday night - Tuesday Morning.

Are they charging by the hour like the Americans?

Did you know that if you are a U.S. Citizen and you choose to be extracted from the Hotzone, that the U.S. Government will charge each American they relocate to safety?

Does the Canadian Government charge for removing foreign nationals from war zones? Because I'd really like to know the answer to that question!

On another board I am a member of, I posted that tidbit of information and many agreed that if a citizen needs to be rescued then why not charge them to get them out! That does not fly over well with me. Some people in the hotzone are students at University, though many are tourists that have become stuck in a warzone, who's fault is it that they are there? And should they have to pay for extraction?

I watched a show on BBC called "HardTalk" and the interviewer was talking to the advisor of Mahmoud Abbas the Leader of the Palestinian group in Gaza. Now this is where I am going to try my best to relate what I learned. The leader of the Palestinians Mahmoud Abbas is unequivocally and totally powerless and helpless. His advisor said so. He openly admitted that they, the Palestinian leaders have condemned the rocket attacks on Israel. And they are powerless over the Hamas led government. Israel is fed up with the terrorism and the serious state of affairs, and they did what they had to do to secure the State of Israel and her people.

Hamas and the Palestinians (to a degree) - if I heard right - are NOT on the same page. He also said that in order to stop Hamas from continuing this war something has to give. But as it stands the leader of the Palestinians hands are tied, with no solution in sight, what do they do?

Still with all the intelligence on both sides of the arguement, you'd THINK that at least someone would know where Corporal Shalit is? With a population of 1.3 million people and the fact that everybody knows each others business, they could have found and extracted Corporal Shalit from his captors?

Who is right and who is wrong?

Because I sure don't know

The question of the attacks on Israel is an issue - the terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel has to end and with nobody talking, and no terms on the table, how do we reach a lasting peace, if Hamas will not come to the table and seek a 2 state solution and stop the violence. It is reported that a humanitarian crisis is now on the horizon because garbage is in the streets, there is no fuel to run generators, no electricity to run anything, the sewage system has not run in over 7 days and disease is a HUGE threat to the people in Gaza, and the blockade of food and supplies has crippled the Palestinian people into this no return status, YET the violence continues. The clock has been turned back 20 years in the Gaza territories As well as in some areas in Lebanon.

Am I wrong in asking why?

This question of the 2 state solution and lasting peace, for the moment seems unattainable if violence continues. Israel has always been a topic I never fully understood, and I don't know if I will ever fully understand. Israel has had enough and they are right in their actions on all fronts, but IS that action too much? was it excessive? I'm afraid that if this situation escalates any further and something does not give, alot of people are gonna die on both sides of the arguement.

Why cause innocents to die on either side of the wall, if a solution is attainable?

Israel has prisoners in their jails from Palestinian circles, Israel claims the right to defend herself there are 3 Israelis soldiers missing, several have died, and the trade for life is disproportionate as requested by the Hamas government. A humanitarian crisis in on the horizon. What do we do when people start dying from lack of water, food and disease and proper sanitary conditions to live? The clock of progress on levels of human existence has been turned back 20 years in some regions now affected by this war going on today.

Hezbollah, unequivocally is in action by proxy from their Iranian and Syrian puppetmasters. I have listened to too many reports today that have tried to discern the path of involvement back to a source and all roads lead to Iran and Syria, although no one is claiming responsibility for this situation. But we do know that Hezbollah has been stocking their ammunition depots for almost ten years while the eyes of the international community have been looking at other targets, and this is jsut what the world is paying for now.

Hezbollah has weapons and if this war escalates and they LOB a missile farther than Haifa towards other targets like Tel Aviv and or Jerusalem, all bets are off and we will see Armageddon happen and this is no threat, this is a real possibility if a solution is not reached within the international community on a diplomatic level.

There are nuclear capabilities on several fronts as we speak, and if some radical person feels threatened or Syria and Iran get pulled into frontline conflict, the world is going to watch the Middle East erupt with fire like we've never seen before, at least in my generation.

Targets on both sides of the conflict in Northern Israel and Southern Lebanon are being pounded and there are not many fresh SITES to bomb, and the war incursion will either end or new targets will be necessary to hit, because how many more bombs and missiles can you drop on already bombed out locations that have been destoyed? That is a waste of firepower to drop ammunition on dead sites.

A diplomatic solution MUST be negotiated. The soldiers must be returned to Israel and the incursions must stop. The Palestinians must be allowed to attempt to reign in Hamas or get them out of power, But wait, Hamas was elected by the people, and that was a clear message to the region. Hamas did what they did and NOT all Palestinians were FOR what Hamas HAS done or IS doing.

Do we start a peace process or do we continue the fight? Do we let people go hungry and untreated in hospital? Do we let sewage back up and disease run rampant in the Gaza Strip? Do we let Hamas reign more terror on Israel? Do we let the Fanatical Radical Islamic countries plot the systematic destruction of the State of Israel? Because Hezbollah by proxy has started a war that other countries backed, but will never admit to starting.

But let one bomb or missile fall in Syria or Iran and Holy Hell will be seen.

At the Emergency meeting of the Arab League, leaders from the member countries make a stern turnaround from supporting the extremist factions and condemned the actions by Hamas and Hezbollah. Iran was among those countries, YET Iran through Syria has transported arms and weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hezbollah overrode the country's government and waged war against Israel. But you also need to know how their war of terror is funded, by the drug trade in Afghanistan and Iran. Poppies to Heroine to world trade markets through banks in the region.

In order to STOP the financing of extremist groups and their supporters by stopping the flow of drugs and cash financed through the banks around the world. Stop the transfer of arms and weapons to extremist groups.

Stop the money trail and you stop the train from moving forward. That would mean attacking the infrastructure that funds the war of terror All over the Region.

If the Saudi Government has taken concerted steps to distance themselves from extremist groups, in my opinon, from my computer chair, aren't these leaders approachable in trying to broker a peace in the region? Because the fear is a crescent of Radical Muslim Power may rise from Iran through Syria to Lebanon and Hezbollah. This cannot happen or the stability of the region will be in serious peril. Not that it isn't at the moment...

The two sides of the Muslim peoples is in conflict with the Shia sect of Muslim leaders in Iran, and across the region are trouble, take this report for example on the seriousness of Irans admissions:

It's not just Iran's leaders who think it better to fight and die than compromise with America
By Dilip Hiro (Filed: 12/03/2006)

"To judge by everything they say and do, Iran's leaders are determined to acquire nuclear technology. They want it not just so they can generate electricity - they also want the option of being able to build nuclear bombs. They already have the Shahab-3 ballistic missiles, which can carry nuclear warheads and have a range of around 1,250 miles. That distance enables them to strike at Israel. Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, likes to quote the late Ayatollah Khomeini's saying that he wanted to see Israel "wiped off the map".

Deterrence has so far kept nuclear powers from attacking each other. The problem with nuclear technology in the hands of Iran's leaders is their belief in martyrdom: they are prepared to die to assert what they consider to be their moral and legal right. The worrying prospect is that so many of their countrymen feel the same way.

Death in the form of martyrdom is central to the Shia sect of Islam that dominates Iran and it runs deep in the country's collective psyche. The founder of the Shia was Imam Ali, a son-in-law of the Prophet Mohammed. Imam Ali was assassinated. But it is Ali's son, Imam Hussein, who is "the Great Martyr"."


With radical Muslim States saying things like this, with this kind of end games in their sites, is it not wise to stop the tide of these leaders ability to influence and orchestrate wars by proxy on Israel that they very openly say they want to wipe off the face of the earth!

And by Proxy fight getting Hezbollah and Hamas to wage war on the State of Israel, they fire up all the extremists to get angry and start infighting in their own communities and they intimidate the weaker sects, they become more powerful, and Israel has the firepower with the flick of a switch to make some serious decisions, which will set off World War III. If Hezbollah and Hamas strike at any other largely populated city, within Israel, with rockets and or fighting, the powder in the keg will ignite and all hell will break loose.

The leader of Hezbollah Sheik Hassan Nasrallah has emphatically stated that if Israel wants a full out war then he will give them a full out war. If this war escalates, the Middle East is in serious trouble. The world needs to wake up and right quickly I might add.

Someone needs to come to the table and start negotiating with all the factions that are not talking to each other before we get to Armageddon.


Blogger Beverly said...

Jeremiah...I was just wondering..do you think they really WANT a solution? Have you ever known someone who seems to thrive on chaos and if its not there they will create it because, heaven forbid, they feel peace..it seems too much for them...its harder to achieve peace than to fight a war..so...they fight the war..

8:20 AM  
Blogger Echo Mouse said...

I read the blog a med student in Tel Aviv. She's safe there and is due to return to the USA tomorrow I think. Regular scheduled departure after the schoolyear. But I'm really glad she's getting out.

It doesn't make sense to me that Canada waited so long to make efforts to get Canadians out. And they should not be charged for that, by anyone. They pay taxes for heaven's sake. Our government is supposed to be there for us.

1:46 PM  

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