Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Never say NO or You Can't to me...

This afternoon I made a few calls to the several campus offices and set my sights on making as much noise as I could about exam procedures. I found it particularly ironic that a professor teaching a class about Race and Ethnic diversity in Canada, would discriminate about the process that a student employed to do his homework and take notes.

The First four chapters in the text are about Racism - Discrimination - and Race Relations and how the world and Canada, by default, has employed racist policies and practices.


So I called a few people and just spoke my mind. Who gives a shit if I WROTE my notes long hand or TYPED them into a word document. If a professor is going to discriminate on the way students employs study habits, then why go to class at all?

When I went through Orientation over 3 years ago, good study habits were CRUCIAL to a successful University Experience, not to mention a great GPA in the long run.

Because I am logged into the University as (1) a Mature Student and (2) a student with disability, HIV is considered to be a disability in Canada, never say NO or You Can't to me.

-I spoke to a young lady from the Office of Student Disability who had the gaul to say to me that HIV is not a disability and that I should not be seeking assistance, I was like BIATCH, are YOU 39 years old and HIV positive for over 13 years? Do you understand the concept of stress and mental aggrivation that brings upon us physically? Do you know what it is like to be someone like me?

- "well, no"

- Fine.

- Then help me ... It is my right as a student ... for Christ's sake.

- That was at 3:05 p.m.

I left for class and met my study partner on the way in, and we spoke of the situation. We agreed that discriminating on the process of collecting notes and the usage of them was insane. That was a first as well, taking an OPEN NOTE midterm exam, probably because the Prof was stuck because he did not lecture on ANY of the material.

We sat down in the front row of desks, in front of the prof, who came in shortly after we sat down, not a word was spoken to either one of us. I took my class/film notes and my word document Typewritten notes out of my folder and waited.

The answer sheets and the test was passed out. I did not look up nor did I say anything to the prof, he in turn said nothing to me.

- Holy Shit 117 Question !!!

- 90 minutes and 117 questions later, I handed in that insane test and walked out of the classroom.

117 questions asked on 4 chapters of reading from a textbook. We did NOT have ANY lecture time on any of what we read, no discussion. That was a FIRST for me in my University experience, to be given a MIDTERM EXAM on material NEVER covered in class.

Is that normal? Does anyone find that strange? I do...

Never say NO or You Can't to me EVER !!!


Blogger Beverly said...

yes..I can time as a student was so frustrating at times when I ran into profs like this! My goal was to make an A and do my best but sometimes with some profs its pretty much impossible..

Hey, way to fight for yourself!

8:10 PM  
Blogger Carmi said...

The prof sounds like an idiot. Are there not academic standards that govern stuff like this? If not, there should be.

And I totally applaud your "never say no" ethos. If the no-bodies prevailed, the planet would never have advanced beyond the Stone Age.

8:32 PM  

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