Sunday, July 02, 2006

Madeas Family Reunion (2006) "Hell'r..."

I saw Tyler Perry on Oprah some time ago, and this film is out on DVD. "Madea's Family Reunion" has an Incredible cast... Tyler Perry (Madea), Lynn Whitfield (Victoria), Maya Angelou (May), Cicely Tyson (Myrtle), Elizabeth Omilami (Aunt Clara), Lisa Arrindell Anderson (Vanessa), Rochelle Aytes (Lisa), Jenifer Lewis (Milay Jenay Lori), Tangi Miller (Donna) and many others. It is funny, irreverant, SOULFUL, WISE, Spiritual, uplifting, and on and on. Just to see a female cast of this caliber on one film is just amazing. Tyler Perry is just incredible as Madea.

To hear Cicely's speech to rally the family and hear Maya recite poetry and see what happens after a woman gets beat, "she cooks him breakfast!!" See the film and receive the answer as to why? It is just an uplifting and beautiful film for the cast, the story and the laughs in between the rough spots. Blair Underwood is a complete Bastard!! This film is just a wonderful experience. I love strong women in film. And this is no laughing matter. SEE IT !!


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