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July 8th 2006 ... The anniversary ... once again ...

I cross the line today into my teens... July 8th 2006

I wasn't going to post anything but what the hell . The issue of HIV transmission is being discussed within a community that I belong to Online. The first portion of this post is the article that the owner of the site posted not long ago, below it is my response to his post. I am not short on words for Bug-Chasers and Gift Givers and those PNP groupies all over the world.

Tomorrow, well, today technically, I cross the 13 year mark with my own disease. And I lived and the Cure still evades us, and AIDS and HIV are still issues of concern all over the world. I don't know why all of my friends who had it are dead and I am still here, maybe it is to mark anniversaries like this for you all to read - take note - and maybe change a life or two along the way. With that said, I remember all of my friends and I pray them peace and eternal rest and I call down the angels watching over us tonight and I pray that we finally get the cure that I for one have been waiting for for So Many Years...

I made it another year... whod'a thunk it....

-- HIV Transmission --
This article was published in California where legislation is being changed...

A person who has reason to believe he or she has HIV may be sued by sexual partners if they become infected, the California Supreme Court ruled on Monday, broadening the state's view of when liability arises from the disease.

Knowingly passing along HIV, which leads to AIDS, is already illegal in California and people who do so may be sued for damages in state court.

The California Supreme Court's decision widens the scope for law suits against sexual partners over negligent transmission.

In their decision, a majority of the court's justices held that they "cannot agree that persons who have reason to know they are infected with HIV, a gravely serious disease with no known cure, should be subject to a lesser duty of care than persons who have reason to know they are infected with other sexually transmitted diseases."

"In sum, we are not persuaded that California should be the first jurisdiction in the country to limit liability for the negligent transmission of HIV only to those who have actual knowledge they are HIV positive," the majority held.

Their decision addressed a lawsuit involving a married couple in which the wife and husband were both infected with HIV. Each charged the other with transmitting the disease.

The wife is seeking evidence from her husband's sexual history to establish he had reason to know of infection.

My response to the issue


It's about time...

You Play - You Infect another - You Pay !!!

If this doesn't get peoples attention... for God sakes, Bug chasers and Gift Givers beware...

And to think, 13 years later for me this weekend (July 8th) and they still haven't found a cure, (that we know of YET?) after more than 20 years of AIDS. We are still talking about disease!!!

I may live to see the cure released.

It bothers me that stupid people persist with stupid behavior. And god help the drug addict and the junkie who doesn't know better. How many people have been infected with HIV since I found out I was Poz by a man who LIED to me about it then killed himself! We never had sex, he was diabetic I handled his blood and his 3 attempts on his own life...

MILLIONS worldwide !!

M-I-L-L-I-O-N-S !!!

I rest my case...

Fuckers should all be shot on site. No questions, no drama, one shot !! We preach safe sex, and plead for you to use condoms, the church says NO NO NO you can't impede the natural evolution of the transmission of life... Condoms are evil, and I think some Gay men believe that!! Some refuse to use them even today...STUPID!!

And the PNP boys and men, and stupid people who don't give a shit about human life are running around with their designer drugs and alcohol fucking anything that stands still long enough to ejaculate...

People are fucking dying STILL all over the world namely Africa, China and Russia, the U.S. and Canada are farther down the massive infection list.

I don't get it, why HIV still exists? Yes I know the agreement made in 1995, that Cancer came first and HIV came second. We have seen the HPV vaccine for cancer, isn't it time to make the HIV cure known to the world?

Am I angry? You betcha

Do I want this plague to stop? You betcha

I want the fucking CURE before I DIE !!

If someone goes to jail or has to pay for their stupidity, more power to ya. Oh and one more thing, if someone is stupid enough to have unsafe sex with someone and is not mindful of their own choices, their lawsuit is null and void.

Stupid is as Stupid does...

I rest my case...


Blogger Beverly said...

I want the fucking cure before you die too, Jeremy!

I have come to love you as a friend who promises to be there for me no matter what. I promise to be here for you...

4:29 AM  
Blogger Echo Mouse said...

I never knew how you contracted HIV. Not that it makes any difference, but knowing you were helping someone and they deliberately did not warn you is definitely upsetting. I can only imagine how it's been for you. {hug} You're doing great Jeremy and I think you will continue to do great. They may not have the cure yet but I too am hopeful it will come soon.

11:48 PM  

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