Friday, July 07, 2006


Welcome to the staff and employees
of the Huntington Learning Center
to my Blog, namely
Ms. Julie Delucca

I know you've been here today...
Nothing escapes me...

I fell for an expectation
I waited for months
You gave me hope
then let it fall by the wayside
as if it meant nothing to you
but it meant all the world to me
and now you come and read, read, read

Be a part of my life - or none at all
I expect nothing less from anyone involved
in my life and this sphere
We may be busy with the meetings and trips
and the travel - but if you can't take time
to keep your word to those who care about you
then what good is this life?
At least I take time every day to be part of someones
life and I offer them what little I have
and that makes me human

work - work - work...
All work and no play makes
Jane a boring girl...

If you want in - then it is up to you
to tell me so - you know how to
get in touch with me...

until then
little princess...


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