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God's will ... choice or not??? (Discuss)

Hey Vonnie, Scott and Beverly ...

If it is God's will, Vonnie asks, Do we have a choice? hmm.. no not really do we? BUT we do have the choice to walk the journey whatever that journey is. When I call others to "journey" I say this, take only that which you need, share what you have and be prepared for anything, the road may be long and arduous, but we will all get there if we journey together.

God asks us to keep to his commandments, to love each other as He has loved us, and do our best each day to Be Christ to others, how many of us can do that for 24 hours? Because All we have is today, it is what we do with those 24 hours that counts. And if you go to bed at night and you can reast easy with a clear conscience then, you have done your best.

How we feel when we end the day will dictate how we lived our day. And how we experience our day depends on how we start it, either on our knees or standing straight up. God's will is not a choice - I think it is a "Way." A Path - A Journey.

We are human and live on this earth, we have no choice but to walk, with WHOM we choose to walk with is a choice, but once you make that choice, all bets are off. "Follow Me..." plain and simple.

*** Response to Scott's question...***

Yes it all comes down to a choice...from your blog earlier I wrote...

I guess if God is using stoplights, then we need to know which ones to follow, and that takes time...

I've had a few red lights come up on the path, some were easy to swallow, others we not so kind and I was literally run over by traffic.

I guess I feel that in these cases, I really need to listen for that still small voice that shouts "Do this, and not that... or Don't do that do this!"

Sometimes I don't want to listen or pay attention because of my own "desires" And I usually pay dearly when I take back my will and do what I please (in some cases).

I try, these days to ask God, is this the right way? can you tell me that? sometimes he answers immediately with a resounding sign or word from either the sky or another person - you know how that one goes right? God walks the earth, you just gotta watch for him and Listen as well. He may be sittin right next to you at the coffee shop, and you'd never know, unless you were aware of "seeing."

Sometimes God pushes me to "seek" the answer by doing some footwork, and that's not a bad thing either, because I always learn something, because I am still teachable. and I am not God, nor have all the answers to lifes questions.


It all begins with right prayer...

Artist Joseph Saint-Charles painted the picture for the apse,
entitled Presentation of Mary at the Temple.
Photos: Fran├žois Barre

Scott asks, "What is God's will?"
Well, if we don't ask - will we find out?
So let us enter the sacred space and
make our prayers...


Blogger Vonnie said...

Hi Jeremy,
I am a friend of Scott's and Beverly's so I would like to also be your friend. I am the grandmother of the group. My blog is not very exciting, but it is my blog. I liked Scott's post today. I think he made a very good point - God's will is not always the easiest. If it's God's will do we have a choice? Just asking.

7:53 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Good idea!

8:12 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Vonnie, I'm not sure whether Jeremy would agree with me, but I tend to believe that everything centers upon our choice. God's will is there, but we decide whether to follow it or not (provided we can know what it is). LOTS of things happen (choices are made) that do not belong to His will - this seems to me the source of His heartache.

11:13 PM  
Blogger Vonnie said...

I do agree that we have to make the choice - I guess I have always been confused about the fact that Judas made the choice he did - and yet it was God's plan that Christ would be crucified.

And on the subject of Korean nuclear threats - I think we need to be so in the arms of Jesus - that nuclear arms are not a threat to us.

12:15 AM  
Blogger CanEragon said...

I am a reader and student of the Gnostic Gospels that is the focus of my Master's Degree ... Speaking of Judas.

There is discussion about what he really knew and why he did what he did. This is the focus of great religious dialogue, of which I am a part of.

The divine plan was set in motion and those who partook in it, in my very early interpretation of the new gnostic texts being illuminated and translated today, had to play their part in the salvation story of Christ.

I tend to believe that every one had a role to play for a specific reason to illicit a specific response from the reader over the centuries. But who am I to question or even (interpret) the signs and writings? I don't know, that is my take on the crucifixion after a few years in University.

12:26 AM  

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