Sunday, July 30, 2006

The book ... What's it all about Alfie ???

It was a painful night last night trying to get this old antiquated box to do what I asked of it, but through the glorious work of my husband he figured out how to coax the old girl to work without crashing. The book began as a "how to guide/coping skills" for certain communities of people.

But after considerable intimidation and fear of being vetted critically because of authors that have given writers around the world a bad name (you know who they are don't you?) I made some serious changes to the manuscript to make it alot more reader friendly.

Needless to say I am seriously intimdated in seeing this book go to print knowing full well if you tack the word memoirs or non-fiction to a book, you know some asshole will attempt to punch holes in your writing and label you a fraud and a liar, so I was very careful with how I presented the material. Cover your ass, they say...

There is subject matter covering a myriad of topics. I have included some of my academic work that has been published in University journals, there is writing on the late Pontiff, John Paul II which I think is really good. I speak about life, hiv, sobriety, spirituality, dreams and hope. Like I wrote last night the book is 35 chapters long, and is a tapestry woven from life, experience, strength and hope. I am sure it will appeal to a wide spectrum of readers. I have watched other bloggers publish some of their writing and even be nominated for huge awards internationally.

I should only be as lucky. We shall see.

I shopped the initial manuscript out some months ago and got some reader reviews which I seriously took to task and worked out some of those suggestions, which makes the read alot more palatable. I am on my way to the printers to make a master copy for my editor friend and let's pray that he likes what he reads.

Wish me luck...


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Good luck!

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