Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Blast from the past... Jeremy's old journals...

Last night I was reading in bed, and I had decided that I would include some of the dreams I have had over the years into the book I will publish eventually. I am feeling truly intimidated by the process itself. So anyways, I took a stroll down memory lane and pulled out some of my old hand written journals from 2000 - 2002 because I wanted to tell a story about the "Bubble Dream." I had to find the date range where it had occured and what led to the dream taking place.

Thursday June 7 (Writing on June 8 2001)

Yesterday was a day from hell - I hadn't slept at all Wednesday night and my doctors visit was hard. Almost 8 years later I was faced with AIDS reality. I had to face the statement of "you have exhausted all treatment options, you are unable to use the other combinations because of your virus type - all other available options will not work (this was the genotype test) back then in 2001. ** There were not many other drug options back in this date range, I had exhausted all my options - which stressed me out in the worst way **

June 20 - 2001

I have visited the same place in my dreams again and the dreams are coming in late hours of rem sleep. There is another group of people there, a place of serenity. I am comfortable in this place, it is a healing place there is also love in this place. There I have found a significant other that has a secure hold on my heart and soul. This dream has stayed with me all day and hopefully I can revisit this place.

June 20 - 2001 (10:30 p.m.)

The dream I had last night into this morning haunts me. I see, I feel and I hear everything that was there. I wonder what is beckoning me from somewhere else - I do not know what it means - or who is helping me. Someone is helping me - I know "he" is a male energy - I feel a relationary bond with him. I remember him holding my hand - I remember his touch, his eyes and the dream as if I brought him out into my waking world. It was like I was in a place inside a "Bubble." I had crossed a very defined - existence.

Here is that dream in full:

When I had the healing dream in 2001, I was taken into a world that existed inside a bubble or a sphere, I remember this dream vividly, as if I had entered through a "membrane" and was laid on a table and the One Man entity there pricked my arms and did something to me there, they literally infused me with something that stopped the process of death they did "change me" in essence, biologically and medically, I don't know if it was a full healing, but it was a drastic alteration to what I had been years prior. One must ask the question. Did they know/or do something that I did not or could not have done alone? Have I been re-engineered? Was I taken and my body changed by something/someone outside of this universe? We can ask that question.

I knew that they had the power to do that, and ever since my numbers have been off the charts and I take 1/2 the medication prescribed, they told me in that place that everything would be different and when I came back and was told that I could cut down the meds that all would be well, I knew that I was given a solution. And today even science cannot prove 100% why I am still here and why my numbers are where they are.

Friday June 22 - 2001 6:05 p.m.

I went to Borders today to research the dream that stayed with me. Specific parts of the dream are meaningful - memory serves - there was a bubble or we were under water, inside a space that was liquid, I felt immersed at the time in the dream and I was sent back through the bubble or the "pool" I was taken into.

There was a "group" of people there and one Significant male entity.
  1. Water I read is the sign of baptism, initiation, the source of being, the unconscious emotions.
  2. The bubble - A birthing, emergence from the bubble - the birth of new self from the waters of the inconscious.
  3. Group - or groups of people inside the bubble - teachers - people in a "one" consciousness.

It was after this dream a couple of weeks later that I had another blood test and this was the first time my VL was undetectable and my t-cells rose into the 900's. I knew that something had happened to me physically. I changed my medical regimen on my own, and so far I have kept the same status on my labs now in 2006. I am not crazy, at least I don't think I am.


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