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"annihilating strike and a nuclear war," Is this for real??

North Korea warns of 'annihilating strike'


Does this strike anyone as something really insane and should we be afraid of this development in that the statement of an "Annihilating strike and nuclear war" was spoken...? Do we take this seriously or are they just bluffing, but I wonder, what if they ARE NOT bluffing, do we dare provoke a response like this? And what do we tell our governments and those in elected office? This is not a joking matter and needs to be taken very seriously. We don't need an insane hothead to be toying with the little RED BUTTON!!!


Updated Mon. Jul. 3 2006 11:44 PM ET News Staff

In the latest war of words, North Korea warned the U.S. that a pre-emptive strike would be met with an "annihilating strike and a nuclear war," the state-run media said Monday.

The threat was issued by an unidentified "analyst," quoted in the Korean Central News Agency.

"The army and people of the DPRK are now in full preparedness to answer a pre-emptive attack with a relentless annihilating strike and a nuclear war with a mighty nuclear deterrent," the report said.

The DPRK stands for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

In Monday's report, Washington was accused of putting new spy planes on the Korean peninsula and a massive arms buildup. The U.S. was also slammed for staging war games in the region recently.

"This is a grave military provocation and blackmail to the DPRK, being an indication that the U.S. is rapidly pushing ahead in various fields with the extremely dangerous war moves," the dispatch said.

The report comes amid U.S. claims that Pyongyang has shown signs of preparing for a test of a long-range missile.

Intelligence reports say fuel tanks have been seen around a missile at the North's launch site on its northeastern coast. However, it's unclear if the rocket was actually being fuelled.

Regardless, North Korea claims it has a right to test-fire a long-range missile.

The North has also said it is willing to talk to Washington about its missile concerns in direct meetings with the Americans. However, Washington, insists it will only meet the North amid six-nation talks aimed at ridding Pyongyang of its nuclear weapons program.

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and this is what the United States says about this...
from BBC News Online...


U.S. dismisses North Korea threat

2002 picture of Taepodong-type missile
The Taepodong missile could reach Alaska (archive picture)
Washington has dismissed a threat by North Korea that it will launch a nuclear strike against the US in the event of an American attack against it.

A White House spokesman described the threat as "deeply hypothetical".

Tony Snow said the statement was about what might happen if something that had not happened, did happen.

He urged the North Koreans to return to six-party talks aimed at curbing the country's nuclear activities. The talks stalled last year.

Earlier on Monday, Pyongyang warned it would launch an "annihilating" nuclear strike if its atomic facilities were pre-emptively attacked by the United States.

But the US State Department said it had no intention of attacking North Korea.

Military drills

"The strong preference of the United States and the other parties to the six-party talks, other than North Korea, is for North Korea to rejoin the talks, to sit down at the table," Mr Snow said.

The talks involving the US, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea and North Korea stalled in November after Pyongyang objected to military drills conducted by the US and South Korea, which it denounced as a preparation for invasion.

North Korea is thought to be preparing to launch the Taepodong-2 from the Musudan-ri launch site in the northeast of the country.

The untested missile has a range of up to 6,000 km (3,730 miles), putting parts of the US within striking distance.

The last time North Korea tested a long-range missile was in 1998, when it launched a Taepodong-1 over northern Japan.

Map showing ranges of Taepodong-1 missile, 2,200km, and estimated range of Taepodong-2 missile, 6,000km (untested)


Anonymous Deborah said...

I don't undersand this frenzy for war and domination (well, I can understand it, doesn't meant that I approve this). I'm scared for our future, but I'll try to be confident it will pass and not come to reality.

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