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Am I from here ...

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In the last, oh I guess, 20 years I have studied many different areas of existence. I have been fascinated by past lives under the teaching of Brian L. Weiss. I have read the books written by Shirley MacLaine, and many others. When I read Kryon Parables and Star Children books, and Michael (The Journey Home) learns that people come to the earth to live out contracts already decided and agreed upon prior to their incarnation, it makes one stop and think.

In Brian L. Weiss Many Masters Many Lives, we read that people can incarnate several times over generations of time, and certain people incarnate together and can interact together over several incarnations. I believe in the theory of reincarnaton. I can definitely say that I know for a fact that I have been incarnated before based on my dreams, the way I think and the way I see the world around me. That does not mean that I identify as a star adult, I can't say for sure that I am / was a star child.

If I look back at my childhood, I have shared this the other night in fact, that the women of my family thought that I had special abilities and were blessed by God and as such, they instilled in me certain beliefs and practices. All of the teaching now exists in the man I am today. I have lived my life in the search for the truth about the past and to answer that one gnawing question of "what am I still doing here?" I've done alot of spiritual and alternative reading since I was diagnosed in 1994. I have searched the universe for the reason to live, so that search led me to assimilating thinking and believing that there could be more to this life, and maybe I am living an incarnation today on purpose. That there are spiritual axioms I must learn here in order to either be reincarnated again, or to get off the wheel of reincarnation as the Buddhist might say.

There are several birth anomalies in my family. There were several children born to mothers under suspicious circumstances. My uncle Michaels birth and life were anomalous, he is dead now, he died many years ago and is buried in the family plot, I have known for many years that his life was a big question and a BIG secret as to how he got here and why he was conceived. I still do not know the particulars of that secret. None of the brothers and sisters will tell me, maybe Memere carried a secret to her grave that I will never know. Maybe she was someone that was meant to instill certain lessons in me and then go as she did. Her life is the driving force behind my existence, the faith that I live and the love that I have for others.

My birth was a question and for me, it seemed my mothers pregnancy was a secret, as for the lies they told to keep that "date and period of time" secret. It was not acceptible in the late 60's for a woman to get pregnant out of wedlock, as my mother had. Which led me, for a long time to question if my father really WAS my father. We have too much in common to be from a different genetic line. Not to mention I have my father's ass and his birth mark.

I tend to walk on the line that my homosexuality was passed down paternally and not maternally. This I can look back and see that there are no other homosexual persons on the maternal side of my family tree. That "link" came from my father. My mother cared for me, but in many ways I never melded with my father. We had a love hate relationship and cutting off ties with me was really too easy for him and my mother, which leads me to believe that they were only supposed to be part of my life for a short time, to bring me from birth to the age of adulthood - that's the portion of their contract that they signed on for. If this life was preordained, then they fulfilled "our" agreement per our life contract.

(Ref: The Journey Home, Many Lives Many Masters).

I know many spiritual truths although I continually fight to divine the truth - when all along the trust has been standing in front of me, call me a reticent prophet. I remember what was going on in my life the day that the "change" came to me. Amid all the pain I was feeling emotionally and physically, it was as if I was given a "way out" of the hell I was living. The voice was clear as a bell and it said, this is the salvation point you are looking for, and this is what you will become, I did not question the spirit nor did I balk at the thought, I followed through with it and thuse I became who I am.

I've been so difficult with the universe over the years, always testing the link and pushing the envelope that in recent days I have come to the realization that simplicity might be the way to enlightenment. Over the years, as I said above, I've done alot of reading, and I do not prescribe to the one world and this is it for life, I believe that there is alot more than we are seeing and I think over the years I have seen many "other sides and dimensions" to the universe.

When I read, I read universally, I live "spherically" I enter a read with the though of "what if?"

I am not bound by this earthly's restrictions and I think that is what some of us who have been here before believe. We have seen many things and have seen many places and unlike most, we have abilities that we may not talk about or use to our advantage, at least I don't. If dreams are journeys to other dimensions, then I have had many dreams and have seen many places.

When I had the healing dream in 2000 I was taken into a world that existed inside a bubble or a sphere, I remember this dream vividly, as if I had entered through a "membrane" and was laid on a table and the people there pricked my arms and did something to me there they literally infused me with something that stopped the process of death they did "change me" in essence, biologically and medically, I don't know if it was a full healing, but it was a drastic alteration to what I had been years prior. One must ask the question. Did they know/or do something that I did not or could not have done alone? Have I been re-engineered? Was I taken and my body changed by something/someone outside of this universe? We can ask that question.

I knew that they had the power to do that, and ever since my numbers have been off the charts and I take 1/2 the medication prescribed, they told me in that place that everything would be different and when I came back and was told that I could cut down the meds that all would be well, I knew that I was given a solution. And today even science cannot prove 100% why I am still here and why my numbers are where they are.

The Fern Gully dream is a dream about traveling someplace different, but to where? Where IS Fern Gully in that dream? Is it here on earth or on another plane of consciousness?Some of my flight dreams take me from this place to times in the past, to places that seem very familiar to me - to the areas of Egypt and Italy, Venice and Florence in the early ages. I see space in some of those flight dreams, and there is always someone flying with me they come and get me and take me on these journeys. In many of my traveling and meeting dreams there is a particualr entity in these dreams I know them, they are always male in energy. I have written about this other person at odd times in my dream journals. Last nights, radio show just brought all these questions to the forefront of my brain. There are too many coincidences.

But we also know that there are NO Coincidences...

When I read books of cetain periods of time, it is as if I have walked through those streets and know those people. Like the Historian and other "period books," I cannot discount these thoughts. I have met certain people in dreams and have come back to write some of them down. I have a thought about those writings. I think I know what I am going to do with them now, I know where to file them.

Over the years Peter and I have enjoyed alot of late night radio. We've listened to late night radio every night when we go to bed. It is part of our nightly routine. Coast to Coast radio with Art Bell and George Noory have been the mainstay of our nightly ritual for over a year now. We both believe that there is more to this life. How we met is an angelic mystery, if you've ever heard me tell the story of how we met and the circumstances of that particular day, and why "Angels" are a source of strength and meaning to both of us.

Last nights radio show only made me further aware that I may know more than I tend to lead onto. It just makes perfect sense to me spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

The fact that people come and and go from my life as they have over the years lead me to believe that they were only meant to be here for a short period of time. I am the one who always wants to hold on, when I should know better and just "Let Go."

I guess that truth is the one thing that I battle with personally. I want to know why my family is non-existent in my life and I wail and moan over that loss, and really, I know the truth. They were birth recepticles - biological entities meant only to bring me to term and get me out the door, then they were finished. DONK !!! Were they spiritual entities in another life and was I destined to learn this truth in this life, and am I suppsed to be doing something other that what I have expected?

I have been trying to figure out the reason for my existence and I believe that I have been given a glimpse through the veil at times and I see things that are so simple they astound me in their simplicity. I think seeing past the veil is a gift. To know that the veil exists tells me I know more than I should, and maybe now they who are on the other side of the veil have turned up the dial of those of us who have been enlightened in ways that most are not.

It is said in the coming weeks that the earth is going to see things that will lead us in directions that nost of us do not want to go, but because of some, the earth is going to plunge into a situation that there might not be many ways out of. So be prepared... take this as a very stern warning.

Things are going to happen - and these dates have been spoken of twice in the last 2 weeks. We are being warned that something BIG is coming. 2012 is coming - will we be here when we get there?

Am I from here, Have I been here before? Am I supposed to tell you all something that is meant for some of you to see and realize? Is there a message here for someone out in my readership? And do any of you know what I am talking about, have any of you seen some of the things I have? Will you share that information with me and my readers? Insignificant dreams and visions may be more significant than you know. Spiritual truth may be useful to those of us who read, seek and believe that there is more to this life than most people are willing to admit.

If there are beings that have taken some of us, and if we have been given certain information I think, as of late, that THAT information is supposed to tell us what to do next. What to expect and what to share with others. If there are multiple dimensions and there are others who are out there who have traveled between those dimensions, this TRUTH is going to turn the belief systems of many religions on their ears. And we are, I believe, being prepared to recognize that there is more than meets the eye in the ways of spiritual truth and those who are watching the earth go into a self destruct phase. I believe that we are supposed to tell others this information.

The paradigm of beliefs and religion are going to shift and people of earth need to be able to understand this paradigm shift and be able to assimilate this information into our daily lives and belief systems. Many will be unable to allow the shift to occur, mainly because of the religious teachings than many have been taught throughout our lives. If there is more out there in the universe then how do we accept that God might be an entity or entities? That there might be another axiom for us to see and work into our lives.

If what happens "Does Happen," the people of earth are going to possibly see and recognize things that are beyond our conceptions and abilities. We might see some universal entities come to our assistance and we may have to admit that there is something more out there ... and to live through the next period of time, a divine or universal entity may have to come to our aide. If that happens we must be prepared for what we will see - or WHO we may see.

I think that I am in the position and have been given certain information through reading and my education to understand that God is greater than I once believed, that there is more to this existence than Christianity has afforded me in teaching. I guess that is why I believe so strongly that the universe is alot larger than my earthly mind can handle but I don't deny the possibility that there is more and that the longer I seek that truth the more that will be made aware to me because I am open and willing to see possibilities, to see other beings, to believe that someone had to have done something to me medically or genetically which speaks to the answer to my question of "what am I still doing here?" I'm supposed to share this information with you in the hopes that there is someone else like me out there who might read this and confirm what I have shared here with you. I know there are more of out here.


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