Thursday, July 13, 2006

Allison and Ivan and The boy who became a man...

So You Think You Can Dance...
Allison and Ivan

(Photo Courtesy of Obliquity)
Since I could not locate a photo myself!!

Contemporary Dance set to Annie Lennox's "Why"

One Word: INCREDIBLE !!!

Who knew Ivan would grow up so fast and be incredibly passionate in his (read:Their) interpretation of this piece of music choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Now I enjoy this program immensely. I sob at the littlest thing, I am a little emotional these days. It wasn't a Mary Murphy, my mascara is running sob, but I did have to access the tissue box.

It is true that the little boy who Could, has been transformed into the little man that Can.
Did you see those lines and his passionate movements and incredible steps and Oh, I'm getting a little "for clempt" again.... Oy, hand me a tissue...

Out of all the couples last night, my favorite was Allison and Ivan, Benji and Donyelle came in second, simply because I was in the mood for something meaningful and strong. Allison and Ivan delivered. Benji and Donyelle burned down the house with their incredibly energetic rendition from "Hairspray." I am sure both couples (Allison and Ivan and Benji and Donyelle will remain outside the bottom three tonight) Let us pray the callers got it right.


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