Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What is Faith... in my own words...

Faith is a question. Faith is the fire that burns within us. Faith is the question(s) we are set on this earth to answer, if we are prepared for the journey then let's be off...

Take only that which you need, it is all about the journey, who you meet, what you see, and what you learn along the way.

Remember to share you water, bread, wisdom and kindness with pilgrims whom you meet along the way. You never know what you might learn or possibly teach another you share time with.

Because you never know when the Master will appear and wouldn't you want to hear him say "Well done good and faithful servant."

If the fire goes out, then faith is dead. It is by our deeds and by our faith that God sees who we really are inside.

That has been my quest in my christian journey, but without faith, I am nothing, it is who I am, it is the air I breathe, the food I eat, the ministry that is my life, it is you who seek the truth in all of God's beauty.

I got real sick once and almost died, and during one night of pain, I had a visit to the garden once and I took all of my questions out of my cap and asked them of God, I remember speaking them but they told me I had to come back.

I came back without any of the answers from God. I met a wise old man one day and he said to me, remember the night you asked God all those questions when you thought you were going to die? I answered yes, well he said, wouldn't it be easier if you asked those same questions while you were still walking the earth, so it went and so it goes.

Now I ask my questions - all of them and I keep that fire burning, because without that fire there is no life.

I have found in as many years that christianity can only be Augmented by the study of those who seek the truth in all of the worlds great religions.

What else would a religion major write - right?


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