Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Triggers......9-11, Gay.......all it takes is this ...

I am up late and I was waiting on your report to see the vote tabulations. You know as I do, from living in the "red" south, that passing gay legislation is as possible as a snowball in hell. Those home grown bigots die hard, and I know that I have written about apathy and fear in the last week - with your legislation and the president being an asshole, but what's new on that front?
I believe that the fear of change is so great in the south that entire generations of old red state voters will have to die before anything real happens. And generational hate is too strong, and the Klan and the haters and the conservative base will never be swayed, because GOD loves the christian base and we "queer" boys will always be kept in a place of submission until something really BIG happens ...
And something Big is coming... We can see it here.
You're courage and steadfastness should make you proud, that you stand up for what you believe takes courage. In a state that hate is part of the "raising of children" someone has to set the record "straight" pun intended. But you know Shane, it only takes one crack in the dam to start destabilizing the entire structure. And it only takes one domino to start the toppling from the beginning.
We write about gay rights and we try to stir voter apathy into voter turnout, but fear and domination and the thought of terror in our own back yards does not permit people to see the forest for the trees. Southern boys do nothing but follow the leader. And all the leader has to do it utter two numbers 9-11 and say the word GAY, and the troops rally round the Good Ole' boy!!
The One World Government is in control and destabilization is what needs to occur somewhere in the chain of command. Until the American People begin to see that "What" is happening should not be happening...nothing will change. I believe that a cataclysmic event and only that will wake up the sleeping minions from the farms and easy boys, and one day the minions will march on the white house and lynch the man in charge.
The earth is gearing up naturally - disastrously - globally - and so forth and so on. The negative energy in the earth is manifesting itself globally in disastrous terms, and people are dying worldwide and the U.S. sits in the balance and says "follow us" and we will come to your aide, only IF you follow my laws and decrees...
God is not pleased, and many people are not pleased, but fear rules the hearts of many and until someone gets the balls up to stand up and say
I am mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more... will anything change.
It is hard to educate stupid bible thumping christians to see past their bibles and their dime store faith. I study religion and I see the forest for the trees. Speaking faith and Knowing faith are two different things. Blind terror and fear rules the hearts of the faithful in the U.S. and someone needs to "modernize and teach" what is real and what is propoganda. Sadly, 9-11 and the word Gay are too polarizing to be seen for what they really are. They are tools of fear.
I still believe that if all the queers in the U.S. got up and marched with at least one friend and we awoke the sleeping from their apathetic slumber we could affect change. And until that happens nothing will change anywhere. We are too dug into a war that is unjust and with no way out and a president floundering to stay above the wave locally and internationally - he needs the base to support him, what needs to happen is a virus needs to be introduced to "the Collective" RESISTANCE IS FUTILE YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED!
Don't loose your resolve - you still have work to do. One man can change the world sadly, no one is listening to him any longer. They don't even see him for the fear that is programmed into their heads by the Borg Queen...
We need to find a way to stir the sleeping, I am trying to figure it out from here, and I have yet to find the weak point in the force field. But I am working on it. And so are many others on my read list.
Angry Black Bitch
And a few sorted others...
2008 is coming and you know what that means. Hopefully we can wake those who can help us succeed and maybe we can get the republicans out of the white house and get a moderate into office - we may not get a "winner" but anything is better than what we have now. Stay the course young warrior ...
Canadians are watching the polls and the votes and we are aware of the situation - you might know that our own PM is in bed with the Borg Queen and he is determined to get a free vote in Parliament this fall... or he will die trying. The Borg Queen is trying to assimilate the entire Northern hemisphere - we have alot of work to do before we rest... or die trying...
I applaud all the work you've done You march to your own tune and you Believe, that will serve you well.
Take care my friend, I am following your progress ...
I am proud of you and I am sure alot of others are as well.
Cheers from Montreal


Blogger Plankton, Evil Genius said...

Ban on Gay marriage was voted down...Personally, speaking as a conservative and a Christian, this is one thing that I've never understood. WHY should gay marriage bother me? WHAT affect does it have on my hetero marriage?? None. Don't get it. More strength to you to overcome this discrimination.

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