Monday, June 26, 2006

Treadmills and Mountains...

I fasted and blasted and slept little and got up this morning to be at the General at 9:30 a.m. for my date with a treadmill. I was prepped and triaged and shaved and wired for color television, I tell you that had they stood me on the roof with all the wires i was hooked up to I could have received cable tv. Not to mention the bald spots across my chest !! dammiitt...

I had a goal in mind and I told the tech where I wanted to end up, and she started the machine. The stress test is a speed-staged climb. The speed starts out as a nominal walk at almost flat level, and as the time passes the incline of the treadmill and the speed of the belt increases. I made it to 9 minutes and a high incline and I started to feel the burn in my thighs and my lower back. Into the 10th minute and proceeding stage incline it got worse. I could not keep the speed at that high an incline, so she pushed me to complete 11 minutes, which I did.

I can tell how I am feeling by the way my body reacts climbing stairs or escalators, depending on the incline of the slope. We have some pretty steep inclined escalators in the Metro system.

It pays that we walk all over the city and downtown, opting for the Metro and busses only when necessary. Not to mention that we climb the mountain and get daily exercise. I know that I have to work on my core alot more to loose the donut and bring my back up to speed.

The Tech said that for my age and weight and medical situation that I did very well on the treadmill. She said most men only get to minutes 5 and 6 - and have to stop, which were a breeze for me, the final report will go to my doctor this week sometime. Unless I get a call from him, I won't see my doc till August.

Wooo Hooo !!!


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