Saturday, June 03, 2006

Tested by Faith - Proven by Fire ...

The Holy Grail 'neath ancient Roslin waits
The Blade and Chalice guarding o'er Her gates
Adorned in masters' loving art, Sje lies
She rests at last beneath the Starry skies

This afternoon hubby, Ms. Nikki and I went to see The DaVinci Code. And I have to say that all you religious fundamentals and crazy nutcase christians need to calm down. Take it from a student of religion - born into the catholic faith - and since found in almost 39 years - that I know WHO God is to me and WHOM God is not! The question of whether Jesus was divine or Human is a question that has been around as long as I can remember. I was taught by men of faith, growing up that Jesus was a man, who did great things. For as long as I remembered Jesus was approachable and human, he was someone I could relate to and talk with, in his humanity. I never feared the mystical man of faith, but respected his 'station' among men and women.

Later as I grew up and grew and grew, I began to question the faith of my father because it was not 'working for me.' In University, I have come to realize that there was ALOT more to religion than what I knew as a Catholic and a Christian. The more I read and studied, the more I questioned the wisdom of Holy Mother Church. My faith has been tested many times over throughout my life, but the one constant idea that my Great Aunt and Men of Faith of my time remind me is this, that I am welcome in God's world and that I am loved by God, and NO ONE on earth can take that away from me, unless I let them.

I believe that God made incarnate - Jesus Christ - existed. I also believe that the core of Christian belief can be found in "many" texts not just in biblical canons. The church has spent centuries keeping secrets and supressing information and quieting the dissenters of the church vehemently. WHY do you THINK that the Catholic Church did not want this film to be seen by its followers, and WHY do you THINK that Opus Dei wanted a disclaimer in the opening credits of the movie, WHY..... I will tell you why !!

Because Dan Brown's work as well the works of Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln and many others tempt us with the question "What IF...?" I enjoy the writings and questions of the great womanly Scholar - Elaine Pagels.

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that she offers a scholarly vision in the words "What IF...?"

So What IF? What if the truth begs us to look at Leonardo DaVinci a little closer? What if you read the Gnostic Gospels such as Phillip and Thomas and the Gospel of MARY MAGDALENE! Isn't there room in our "Faith Spaces" to ponder the question of Jesus' humanity and ability to love someone?

There is NO truth that Mary Magdalene was the 'whore' in biblical writings. That was an entire cover up OF and BY the church to downplay the Feminine 'Role' of Mary Magdalene in the christian narrative. We call that a SMEAR... If you read the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Jesus had a relationship with her in some form. How extensive that relationship lies in the imagination and minds of those who would venture into scholarly interpretation and discussion. Jesus healed Mary of sins, 'The seven deadly sins' it is written. That TRUTH predesposes Mary M to see and experience Jesus on a level that no one else could, hence the reason she was able to "SEE HIM" when he rose from the dead before the others, because of her clear and blessed "vision."

I believe that my faith is borne in bedrock and tested by fire enough that I can ponder the question of What If. The Story of the DaVinci Code gives us some insight and insight is available to everyone, even if some of it was fiction, the author still invites us to ask the question. Who was Jesus really, and who was Mary M, and how does she play into the Christian Narrative.

I enjoyed the film, and so did the others. It was fast paced and although there were deviations from the book, it was well done. For a Movie, The Da Vinci Code was worth the money to go see it at least. Sir Ian Mckellen STOLE the movie. The scholar turned villian was great. I think the whole "enlightenment scene" at Teabing's residence was really great. It flowed seamlessly and the religious information imparted in the film was real.

If you've done your homework and studies like I have - you would have followed the thought process. If you haven't seen it then Go see it. If a movie about Jesus and the truth about church is so influential in YOUR life, then really, what do you believe and what do you believe in? I know that not many people want to spend ANY time ferreting around religious texts and study just how fucked up the church really is, and has been over the last 100 years, even further back from there as well.

If your foundation is so easily shaken, then may I ask you where IS your faith? Because in the end, it's JUST a movie. How you interpret the substance of the film depends on what you believe and just how far you are willing to EXPAND your brains to ask the questions like "What If?" How this movie affects your future and/or your faith will depend on just where you are in your journey of faith and personal wisdom and religious education. If a movie shakes your faith, then I wonder how you deal with the reality of life, death, tragedy and set backs???

Whay all these Christians and Catholics are up in arms over a movie shows me hust where they are in their heads and how THEY think they can dictate social gospel and christian Gospel. You know the way christian treat "Others" makes me think, "You know, if Jesus came down from heaven today, HE would not be very happy!!"

The Davinci Code - SEE IT !!


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