Monday, June 12, 2006

Teacher, Teacher, tell me what you know...

There are moments in my day when I have a chance to talk to friends - who seek me out for a specific reason. There are certain circles at school that rotate on higher planes of consciousness, there are students - friends of mine - that belong to this group of "seekers." I have been having an ongoing conversation with a particular friend who I happen to really like. She is from the Emerald Isle and she is a "seer" of the world at the cosmos level.

Why are we here? and what does it mean to be "called" to a certain place, location, city or country? What is the universe trying to tell us? The universe is funny in that way - she sends out something for us to look at and grapple over. She tempts us to step outside our comfort zone and go places that we might not have considered going to unless by careful prodding of the universal mind of all that is.

Should I stay or should I go? You know, If I had the money and the time and a hell of alot less responsibility, I would have a backpack of essential items, a passport and time on my hands, and I would be dancing around the world seeing places far and wide. I wish I had the opportunity to just pack up the house for the summer and set off on some uncharted course and a passport in my hand and a few dollars in my pocket... (well alot of money in my pocket actually) I'd love to go "see the world" because life is too short to stay in one place. In the same vein, the universe is so big, there must be more out there than we know about.

On the ay home my girlfriend and I stood outside the metro kiosk and had this amazingly wonderful conversation about the universe and where we should "go from here!" I love free spirits - I love my friends because - they like me - because of who I am, that I give sound counsel and guidance. That I have walked some of this "Go there" journey has alot of resonance with alot of my friends. Being sent somewhere and being called somewhere is an exercise of spiritual fortitude. And how do we discern the calling "to Go?" Well, you talk to the universe, you ask it questions, you wait for answers and in the meantime you Live Your Life. The universe sends signs to us every day, but are we looking for them, or are we walking around in a haze of media - society pressured living? Do we take the time to "Read the Signs" around us? Life is all about the journey, and there are people on the road that might need your help, and if you dont stop and share what you have with them, you might miss an opportunity to help someone or even save yourself!

Everest... the question of the day, Ethics... What should you do? You are on a journey be that on flat road or up a great mountain. And on the way Up or across you see someone in trouble or floundering with indecicision or possibly near death! Do you pass them by, and set off for the summit, or do you stop and help them, I shared this piece of advice, it goes along with some earlier posts here (by the way) will getting to the top be a success, or will you regret leaving someone behind to die or leave someone by the side of the road lost in their heads? I know these are two totally different scenarios, and Everest might be a really bad example, but it works.

Montreal sit on a mountain. Montreal sits on possibly a volcanic "stack" of precambrian rock. When I have spiritual questions about my life, I climb the mountain, you have to see the mountain and understand the relevance of having it in ones backyard that really deepens the meaning of "climbing." There is a foot path up around the mountain, you can take a bus or ride your bike up the mountain, but to spend an afternoon finding ones way up the Eastern face of the mountain is a real challenge, if you've ever done it. I have done it several times in my life. It is not easy, to find the way up some of the steep areas... I use it as an exercise for my friends. I bring people to the mountain and I show them the rock and I say "climb."

There is a nature connection to the spiritual connected to the concrete canyon that is Montreal. This city is as sacred as any of the sacred centers in Europe. We have saints entombed in churches, we have centuries of history, buildings built centuries ago. There is a spiritual presence in this city, that most never feel - see or ever experience. Therefore when nights like this happen, as it did tonight, I wonder what I am being shown to do. Some say - at school - that I should teach, some of my friends are amazingly supportive of everything that I do.

It is hard to discern the universe when the world is screaming past you at 100 kilometers and hour. Where do you go to test your theories, find the teachers and ask them what they know. Trust only those you must, and challenge those who guide you to help you along the way. Discerning the truth for ones self will take time, but if you are ready to accept the challenge, then let us begin.

I am being called to a new "place" well, not me, yet, but she is. Things are happening that she cannot explain. Signals are coming fast paced and from people that she least expected it to. These are signs from the universe. Listen to them, test them and walk forward. If you feel called to someplace specific, do your homework, talk to those you trust and rely on, plan a visit and then Go. Go see the place to where you are called and ask IT why it is calling you there, if you are listening, it will tell you or show you in some form or fashion.

The earth is getting active, Mother Nature is rumbling and tumbling. The Ring of Fire is ramoing up its activity. Tsunami in 2004, earthquakes in 2006, Volcanos on the verge of total explosion. Not to mention that on the West coast of the U.S. Mount St. Helens is activly building another lava dome. There is talk of impending earthquake and volcanic activity on the West Coast. There is also talk of the Canary Islands which sits on a hot spot having a land failure possibly causing a tsunami that could and would wipe out the east coast of North America. Is anyone paying attention to these signs?

Do you feel the crackle in the air as of late? Something big is coming, I don't know what that BIG THING is, but there is a feeling in the air, an electricity of sorts that anyone with some sense of the spiritual or universal would be feeling. Those who have a sense of the universal are being guided to specific places for specific reasons. People are seeing the signs, are you? This is not crazy speak, this is reality.

So tomorrow I get to have lunch with one of my teachers, my mentor and my friend. And I will ask him, teacher, teacher, tell me what you know... and maybe I will have something to share with you about it tomorrow.

Stay the course angel boy. Your GOLF GAME will get better I promise. Don't get crazy and remember to breathe. I wanted to thank all of you who wrote to me over the weekend, BOO, and Beverly, Eric and Karl and all those who sent good wishes and prayers. I am greatful to have such wonderful people as friends.

Today was a turning point for me - I slept well last night, and my chest has eased up alot and I feel much stronger today than I did yesterday. I think my body has begun to bounce back. I thank you for all of your prayers, they have helped me. Prayers are spiritual currency that the body can utilize physically. Faith is that fire that burns within me, and your prayers are like wood that fuels my fire, and I am better today knowing that many of you are praying for me.

Hey, I have something to ask my readers: I have a friend over on the WEST coast, Washington state as a matter of fact. And Chuck has a Summer project.

Go there and read his post titled "Return to Sender." It is about his son John, who is autistic. They want to send him on a trip to visit his sister and grandparents in Texas. There is a PAYPAL button on Chuck's blog, and if you can drop him a line, and maybe a donation to the

(Send John to Texas Vacation Fund) .

This trip IS a BIG deal and would mean the world to John and his family. Living on limited income as they are, Chuck has asked his reading community to help them a little to bring some sunshine to a gifted boys life. So if you have a few extra dollars and you can give, then please by all means, let's help John go to Texas to visit his big sister and grandparents. So that Chuck and his wife won't have to worry about how they will get him there. The blog sphere is HUGE and I am sure some of you read some of the blogs on my list. I don't ask for much, but for my friends who are part of my life, I will always help and support them.

The Promises do come true - if we work for them.


Blogger Beverly said...

missed opportunities...doesn't that have something to do with "having the mind of Christ"..I mean..I see so many more opportunties when I do have "the mind of Christ"

I am so glad that your body is bouncing back..phew..that was scarey..

Great post!

6:28 AM  
Blogger Spencer said...

Jeremy just wanted to give thanks for support and comments on my break up. Nice to know I have a friend all the way up in the great big north!

9:00 AM  
Blogger Seany said...

Hi Jeremy - it's been a while since I've had the chance to look in.
Glad to hear you're back on the mend & I hope you're still winning the battle against nicotine!


4:03 PM  
Anonymous Deborah said...

Guess I am not the only one considering the Mont-Royal a sacred natural place in our city, to go and meditate on some stuffs in my life. I like to go and climb the mountain, make me remember that I am not in a good shape.

10:55 PM  

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