Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Shane (East meets West) My hero of the week

SHANE rocks, you can click his blog in the hyperlink above. I love you Shane - With your kind permission I want to share this with my readers because you are Dead Spot On!!


Up until now, I have supported the long-standing belief that churches should not be taxed. I have changed my mind.

As long as churches insist on acting as political organizations, using money collected to support campaigns and political causes, I believe they should be taxed like any other organization. I don't believe that loosely throwing around the word "God" should get you out of your civic duty of taxation when your primary goal has shifted from services focused on worship and praise to ones based on prejudice-filled rhetoric and political activism.

While we're at it, since the church feels it needs to assert its place in the realm of politics, I think the secular world needs to poke its nose behind the closed doors of the church. As long as churches still support child molesters, bingo nights, misuse of funds to send out political propaganda, televangelists who bleed the money out of the poor and weak, etc., I think we need to take votes as to which churches can be legally run in our state. Seems fair, doesn't it? I mean, what's good for the gay goose, must be good for the godly gander.

Regulation of values, morals, and beliefs is futile. It hasn't worked in lesser countries than America and certainly won't work here. Church members need to make really sure that this is the path down which they want to tread. Their causes may be next on the political chopping block.


Anonymous Deborah said...

I so agree with this post. Thank you for sharing this!

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