Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Questions and answers...

I so look forward to seeing you and having our chats. I am thinking that maybe we should make it a more formal occasion, maybe High Tea at the Queen E one afternoon - that would be smashing. I've never had High Tea at the Queen E, but I've been inside. The John and Yoko room of course.

So I have a proposal. I want to seek an answer to a question that is in my head, you see after the discussion about "rocks" and mountains, I wonder, if on Sunday we might take part in that pagan ritual they call "the Tams." I have a theory you might find interesting.

It is one thing to climb the mountain (Mt. Royal) on any given day, but it is far another journey to climb on Sunday afternoon. I have gone to the Tam's and brought my friends because to hear the drums and the chant of the people and the dance of free soul, the tams beat to the rythm of the drummers united I think in the act of a "worship" so to speak. Seeking the divine where it will be found, before the great mountain worshipping before the universe "outside the walls" of convention, how pagan and wonderful the thought.

We climb on Sunday as if spurred on by the beating of the drums - it is tribal in a sense to hear the beckoning of the tams and then stake ones path on the Eastern face and one begins to climb. The beat of the drum, I suspect resonates within the rock of the mountain and in a sense they share a symbiotic energy sharing occurrence. If Sunday is nice, mind you, The forecast isnt up yet for the weekend, but one can hope. I so look forward to hearing from you, you inspire me to better myself and for me that is growth and life.

As for space, creation and God... I believe in creation - in biblical story telling, and for me that myth is part of religious Catholic heritage. But I wonder, were there more forces at work as the conspiracy theorists tell us, that that Ananaki came before us and built the pyramids and left this world? Were there species who dawned creation as it were, were they the God (s) of creation ??

I listen to Coast to Coast AM (940 Montreal) latenight and I have to say that the world is full of theory, and suspicion, and assumption, who knows? But wouldn't it be interesting if one day "they" come back to repair the damage that humans have enacted on the planet? Would it be such a surprise - if one employs an open mind to the Possibility of What If?

Church, what is that a construct, a man made heirarchical power dynasty of the most learned catholic men of faith... are they really learned? and do I need to subscribe to the absolute divinity and power of Holy Mother Church, after 3 years of education and 39 years of life, I don't think so. I post articles to state a point, that some of the greatest minds of our times today are throwing up red flags saying akin to "we're in big trouble and I think we should consider a plan B before it's too late... I don't think humans could fathom a final explanation of sorts to the origins of the universe, it would throw belief in a god to the wind and cause a catastrophic belief system failure, don't you think. People who are not sure of who they are within a faith construct need that "unknown" factor to remain elusive and mysterious, hence the "mysteries of faith." If the question of "faith" is answered then what???

It is ok to have fear, it reminds us that we are human. Healthy fear is good kept in perspective. Faith is a question - religion is a question - theology is study of the question in one form - religious studies points us to answer the quesiton another way. We are all on this giant road to enlightenment each in our own way, but to think that in talking to others we can broaden each others vision just that little bit further. Study takes courage, faith takes a lifetime, I still am not sure somedays where it all comes from for me. What the hell am I still doing here? and God surely has a sense of humor, She must like me. I guess becasue I respect and admire her. or him, I like to think that there is duality to the person of God, that is my belief.

I think that to know ones limitations - and having the courage to step outside ones comfort zone to seek out real answers one becomes truly enlightened unlike the mere mortal who walks the streets relying on others to show them the way. You have to get out there and walk the walk if one is to find the answers. That comes by way of two near death experiences... don't wait till yer dead to ask your questions, ask them now!!

I think a life spent in the persuit of answering life's question is the journey from exile into a more spiritual sense of being, don't you think? we are born into a world that attempts to teach us right from wrong, who God is because of generational commandments and familial religious belief. At some point we beging the journey back from exile by lerning what that "faith" or belief is within us, therefore our exile ends at the end of the journey when all questions left unanswered come to us from the universe ... I don't know if I'll come back again, but I do know, I've been here before. (Many Lives, Many Master Brian L. Weiss)

How many people do you know who are on a spiritual journey to return from the exile of "not knowing?"
there's alot to think about and a possible date on Sunday afternoon. See you wednesday...

This I know is true...for me...

1. I know who God is... I know who God is not
2. Do I need the final word on creation, No.
3. Do I need to search for divinity for myself, Yes...
4. Do I believe that there might have been others that played a part in creation ... Yes
5. Do I believe in Others, Ananaki, Gods, Creators, mythical beings... Yes
6. Do I follow the scientists, only to the point that I am capable to understand.
7. Fear, is good, humanity is humanity, it is the journey to find truth that is important
8. Do I believe in the church's ultimate authority and power, Hell No...not any more...
9. Are there many ways to understand the universe, You Betcha... there is too much written down not to think that there is not
10. I know who I am - knowing more about the universe does not freak me out - I think in time the answers will appear unequivocally from somewhere other than earth.
11. It is ok to question, if you have no more questions then why continue living?
12. See, you make me think...

ok, it's 3:30 in the morning and I have a long day tomorrow, sleep well ...


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...or we could walk up the mountain tomorrow morning as it's the summer solstice?

--there will be others there.

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