Friday, June 30, 2006

Praying at the Western Wall.. Originally posted 1-17-05

A business woman buys an office apartment in Jerusalem, facing the Western Wall.

And from her desk she can see this man, 3 times a day at the same time, day in day out, returning to the wall to pray.

It goes on for weeks, months and her admiration for this man's dedication grows.
One day she decides to go up to him when he comes to pray.

"Excuse me sir, I didn't mean to disturb you, but I admire your dedication to come here 3 times a day, every day, over such a period of time."

"Thank you", he replies.

"But what I am so curious about is, what do you pray for?"

"Well, I stand up in the morning and have breakfast. Then I come here to pray for world peace.

I get back home, rest a little, have lunch and come back here to pray for medicine to cure all the diseases in the world.

Then I go home again, rest some more, and before I have dinner I come back here and pray for peace between the Israeli's and Palestinians."

"Wow", she says in admiration, "but what's that like for you, doing this day in, day out?"
"It feels like talking to a brick wall!"


Blogger Beverly said...

very clever....

sometimes it feels that way..

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