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Just Who's Gonna Save me... Religion... God... Ultimate Truth...

Once again, into the breach with the Preacher Boy of the Hawaiian Islands. Our ongoing series of discussions about religion, biblical text and homosexuality. You can click the hyperlink above and read the entry (Just Who's Gonna Save Me). Read the text of his post. Below are some of my responses to the discussion (In Sequence - as I wrote them) - You can find in the comments section of that post. I do like to see myself in print. It gives me perspective on my further education and what I have learned so far, If I can go head to head with a minister and his church on issues of Homosexual nature and biblical scholarship and the educational knowledge I bring to the discussion. For posterity I wanted to document this discussion for my archives.

Enjoy ...

And the Homosexual - Religion Scholar Speaks...
Don't you like the ring of that...

Scholar... I'm almost there...
ha ha ha...

GOD - Who Knows Him??

God, who knows him, Who speaks to him, Who knows what God thinks of any one "group" of people over another?

Let the first man/woman without sin cast the first stone. AS of late christians are up in arms about gay marriage, homosexuality, The DaVinci Code, sin, war, the list goes on and on.

I have to ask you all, what do any bible reading, go to church on sunday, worships God rightly KNOW, really KNOW anything about the reality of Church and Religion?

I'm Queer - I am also Married and I am a religion scholar (wanna be), just shy of a degree and working on my Masters Degree Thesis focusing on Gnostic Texts.

Divinity and the humanity of Jesus and his relationship to others, namely the desciples and Mary Magdalene... Ohhh scandalous!!!

Many people quote scripture and think they really know the intricacies of biblical scholarship, I beg to differ. They Do not.

As for me, I know who God IS and who god is NOT. And what YOU think of me is none of my business. It's all about perspective. MY perspective. Add to that a Religious Education.

We can quote Romans, Leviticus or any scripture in the Canonical Bible till the Lord Comes again... and you still won't get it right. He who judges is no better than the sinner himself. "correct!"

I have not talked to God lately and I am sure not any other human has either. I live the best life I can, and I follow certain precepts, morals and teachings. I could care less what anyone quotes me, if compassion is not on ones list of things to do, then why bother living?

I may point christians to read a little work from the Dalai Lama about "religion and belief."

"The development of Love and compassion is basic, and I usually say that this is a MAIN message of religion. When we speak of religion, we need not refer to deeper philosophical issues. Compassion IS the real essence of religion. If you try to implement, to practice, compassion, then as a Buddhist, even if you don't place much emphasis on the Buddah, it is all right.

For a Christian, if you try to practice this love, there is no need for much emphasis on other philosophical matters. I say this in a friendly way. The important thing IS that in your daily life you practice the essential things, and on that level there is hardly any difference between Buddhism, Christianity or any other religion.

All religions emphasize betterment, improving human beings, a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, love - these things are common. THUS, if you consider the essence of religion, there is not much difference."

May I remind your readers that before Paul (Saul) had his conversion experience he persecuted Christians for a LONG time, until that day on the road to Damascus. Paul Never knew Jesus but he believed in his teachings - it was from that Vision he had when he was blinded and Jesus asked him, "Saul, why do you persecute me?" Saul became Paul.

Alot of his writings were geared to people IN a specific town, with specific issues and Paul was stern and judgemental in his own right.

Was Paul doing the right thing - writing the way he did? I studied Paul in an Ancient Greek History Class and you have to admit Paul was a zealot in his own right for christianity/Christ after his conversion.

And Aren't most christians after fresh conversion or fundamental activity, zealots for Christ? Do they not act like Paul, being judge, jury and executioner to those they see as Sinning and or Sinners?

Take that light you shine on another and shine it back on yourself, then ask yourself the crucial question?

If Jesus stood before me right now, would I be worthy to inherit the kingdom of Heaven? I am sure your answer would be an emphatic NO!!

Rant over...



I was raised a Catholic in the U.S. and I am 38 years old. I now live in Montreal. I am a student of Religion in University and just shy of my degree.

I know who God is and I know who god is NOT. I have studied many religions, and that quote you picked out (COLE) was from the Dalai Lama, speaking in Washington. I happen to like Buddhism and the Dao and I use it in my daily life.

If you dont augment your christian being and life, then why bother being a merryweather christian?

One you study all the major religions and you study church history and church teachings one realizes the truth for themselves. I know what my truth is.

Your question: Are you saying you don't believe ultimate truth exists or that we just can't know what ultimate truth is? Do you consider yourself an agnostic rather than a Christian?

Ultimate truth is relative, over the years with much study and writing papers and attending lectures by some of the smartest minds in religion, I make up my own mind. Yes there is an ultimate truth -- There is a God, and the universe is watching, I haven't walked into a church since LENT, because I do not need church to find God, I do pretty well on my own thank you very much.

NO I am not an agnostic, but I am moving towards a christian belief as in the GNOSTICS of early christianity. It is so much easier...

You know Divinity can be sought within and the church is not the end all be all of christianity and the what IF'S of today are so enticing and PROVEABLE that I cannnot shy away from studying the What's if's about early christian gnostic texts.

READ: The Gnostic Gospels...

I believe God exists, but after years of searching and a University degree in religion and my own study, I am more aware of God and the lies and deception the church has given forth over the centuries...

But I study Eastern religions because studying and practicing other forms of religion only augment my quest to find the God of my understanding. The Dao and Buddhism are wonderful teachers to help one rid onesself of the self and ones ego...

There are many ways to seek divinity and attain enlightenment. I have found the paths that I wish to persue. I just know for sure some real truths about christianity.

Once again...

I know who God IS

and I know who God is NOT

Years of study and years of walking the journey.


Ultimate Truth

Ultimate truth comes from study of faith in its many forms. You know this is the arguement of christian communities all over the world. What is ultimate truth, that depends on the student and how he / she seeks the truth for themselves.

If the fact that I fuse East and West into my christian belief system then so be it. But In my world I am under the gun by many to prove my willingness to follow a religious path. Who I am is what I've made of myself and that is a fusion of all the great religions of the world.

I still believe in God and in the teachings of Christ. I just dont agree with the "institution" as the mediator and adjudicator of faith.

Ultimate Truth exists...

How you derive the basis for your study of truth and the Question of faith is where I started. Ultimate truth for me does not lie in the bowels of Christianity. With years of life experience in faith, life and the reality of death and an education about/in "faith" I have come to the realization that no one church holds the market on ultimate truth and it is in the core religions of the world that you find many visions of ultimate truth. and as Elaine Pagels - the Gnostic Scholar asks...

What If???

There is enough textual writing on the table today from many religions and even early christianity to discuss and study the question of "What If!"

I am still involved in my own search for ultimate truth and if you are offended by that truth then I am sorry. I just think if I get involved in a question and a discussion I at least know what I am talking about from my perspective.

I learn from many - not just one.

I have not been angry or arguementative at all - i answered your questions as this discussion has gone on. Don't brand me a heretic or an agnostic when I have stated that I am not. Christianity has enough holes in it to push the seeker to ask the questions of faith and the church and the one question on the table today in main stream religious study

"What if..?"

Thanks for this discussion, not many people want to have discussion about religion but it is important to discuss God and Faith with many people because it is "within" the many discussing faith that one realizes that ultimate truth is as wide as the sea and not relegated to the shores of Galilee sitting in the hands of just one man.


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