Friday, June 09, 2006

It's Our Turn now DAMMITT !!!

I wish I knew how to Quit you
Knowing that you are in my system sometimes
makes me want to SCREAM to know that
so much time has passed that we have been together
My body begs for release from your clutches
I sit here and wonder what freedom must feel like
for one who is trapped in a cage with no possibility
of release....

I have been a slave to you for
over a decade....

My soul tires of the way I sometimes feel at the end
of a day of discussion - reflection - praying and
hoping that now with this new drug come approved
that now the One World Government might
allow for the cure to be released ....

The 95' Agreement was Cancer
came first and WE came
It's about god damned time...

For at long last - all OUR waiting will be over
and my body (read: OUR bodies) shall rest with the

that a CURE is possible before I (read: WE)
die - For those who have been
waiting for this day to come
for others means our day will come
to pass soon...
Imagine, just for a moment...

Imagine, just for a moment
that a planet of just the right size
lies just the right distance
from its mother star
Imagine, Just for a moment...

That now Cancer has an answer
so may the rest of us who wait
for time that waits for
No One...

It's our turn now


Blogger Beverly said...

I am so sorry, Jeremy..

6:43 PM  

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