Friday, June 30, 2006

I wanna dance ... Originally posted 01-2005

I remember how the dance uses to make me feel, wrapped in a veil of grace and peace. Knowing he danced next to me saying, "Come and dance with me." I did. I was not afraid of all the people who would watch me dance in front of them, because I was in my element.

I would listen to Him speak to me softly as if a whisper was only mine to hear. Have you heard Him whisper within the dance to you? Do you know what it sounds like? I do. I would raise my hands in adoration praising all that the teacher made and gave me. I would cry at the mere mention of His greatness. At those hours of praise when all was quiet and the elevation would occur, tears would fall from my face to the robes that wrapped me. And I danced...

I was not ashamed to dance, because the divinity in the dance was sublime. When you dance with Him, there are no wrong steps, nothing to learn, nothing forgotten, you just know where to step. It comes naturally, as if engrained on your soul.

I would look forward to dancing, every time I could. I knew He would be there, waiting for me. There were others who knew that I had to dance, that for me the dance meant life. The dance gave me the will to live, and the power to seek the dance even more. but now,

I cannot dance anymore, the place In which danced has been defiled and ruined. my sacred dance space is no longer sacred, and I cannot dance like I used to any more, ever again.

I long to find a tunic of bare linen, and a quiet dark space to just dance, as the dervish twirls, in an ecstatic wave on unending Joy. There in the mysticism of other voices and traditions I believe I will be able to dance once again. Somewhere out there I will find Him, my dance partner for life. He doesn't care who I am or what I am, nor does he care who I love and choose to be with.

I will know when I enter the next sacred space that I am home. The search for that space continues. And I know one day I will Dance once again.


Blogger Beverly said...

Jeremy, Why can't you dance anymore? What happened to change that?

7:49 AM  

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