Monday, June 19, 2006

I have a friend...

Who is just an amazing woman. She is enlightened and kind. She is fantastically well read and she makes me laugh and smile. I look forward to seeing her in class because we talk about many things like life, men, "seeing" and experiencing. After class we find ourselves on street corners talking about millions of things - for the most part, most of my friends aside from porfesors cannot hold a candle to my friends wisdom, charm and inspiration.

People and situations are put in our paths for a number of reasons. I was telling my boy tonight that People are a learning experience, you never know what you might learn from someone at any given moment or discussion. You might teach them something, or they might teach you something.

Maybe we might go to the moutain this weekend if she is up for the hike. Maybe she will come read this and say yes to a day trip up pre-cambrian rock in the middle of the concrete canyon. It was a good day, after a night of swealtering heat and humidity last night, it eventually rained today, I was expecting a HUGE downpour of major thunderstorm proportions, alas, it was just rain!!!

It's all good right?


I'm going to take it easy after my writing ritual last night. so see y'all later...


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