Friday, June 09, 2006


There are certain topics the homosexual feels strongly about, those things are hatred, homophobia, exclusion, accusation, fear and bigotry, just to name a few. I grew up in a house of hate, and I vowed when I was much younger that Hate would have no place in my life, although my family pushed me to the brink of insanity about the ways they treated me after I got sick.

I used and abused my body in ways no man or woman should who stands in my shoes, being tossed out like the trash when diagnosis of death becomes ones fate. I learned what pure hate was before I turned 16. I became that hatred before I turned twenty five. I have worked hard at changing that behavior and recovery has taught me just what that hatred and anger does to ones person and being, if not realized, understood and dealt with properly.

I knew survivors of the Holocaust. I knew men and women and children with AIDS. I know people who hate the sinner - those who have no compassion - love or regard for human life. My peers, my friends and my husband all know WHO I am. I am just, compassionate, I would give the shirt off my back and a place to stay when hard times face my friends. I have done that and I continue to do that daily. More of my time each day is spent helping others because I can, not because I have to ... I need to to give back to the universe that has blessedly given to me so greatly over the past 13 years that God chose to help me stay alive. So those who teach, Teach. Those who minister, Minister. Those who can do... This was my comment on T.P.B.

No I am not mad - I don't get mad usually, unless pressed into a corner. I try not to get upset but as of late that has been difficult for the situation that I live in today, I don't sit in my madness or anger very long because it is detrimental to me and to those who live with me.

Growing up in a home filled with hate, bigotry, racism and the such was difficult. I didn't know why such hate was useful or profitable?

My parents knew other parents who did not hate like my parents did, and I guess I took to that "train of thinking." I think it saved me from immanent death.

Hate, ignorance and things like bigotry from whence I came, was passed down generationally, and for my father if the house hated, then you hated. You honored your father and mother by backing them up and believing in the things that they did, perish being out on ones ass if you did not.

Growing up, I learned that Hate is a choice one makes, breathing on the other hand is not a choice it is a mandate. For some, hate is akin to breathing, because with ones breath they can attest to their hatred of all that is or could possibly harm them.

Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, Asians, gays, these are all "hateable" offenses for some. Why are people threatened by the color of ones skin, or the slant of ones eyes, or the nationality of ones family or the sexual orientation of ones being?

Bigotry and Hate was bred by many throughout history, religiously, ethnically and politically. And that was a choice. Why people Choose to perpetuate hate is a question we all must ask ourselves and our leaders.

We can discuss the difference between instinctual and natural evolution of hate, or we can simply admit that humans have choices to make, and how one chooses to live their life IS a Choice, right?

I choose to be a christian, and for some hate and bigotry is a religious right endebted to them by faith, is this correct?

We know historically what "Hate" can do to populations of people because they were not "pure" and "clean." Wars have been fought over hatred, the holocaust happened because of one mans supreme hatred, and the fact that people listened to him only goes to show you how hatred is bred and indoctrinated and passed on generationally and ethnically.

6 million JEWS and Europeans, handicapped, sick and gay persons died in concentration camps because of one mans HATRED of the impure. We should NEVER forget...

Those who do not learn their lessons the first time are destined to repeat their mistakes until they do.

Hatred and Bigotry, and Racism, and Intolerance, and such Hate infused beliefs, are LEARNED behavior, and we all have a choice to either entertain it or not.

How do you know from hate, if you don't learn it from someone or some event or some teaching or some faith.
How many religious wars and now recent world issues are BASED in the practice of ethnic and religious cleansing. (Read: HATE)

Darfur, Sudan, Iraq, Europe, China, Russia, the U.S.A. The list goes on and on...

Children are not born with the "hate" gene. They are taught to hate by their parents and family and peer pressure and slanted media and educational slanted material.

Do you know how slanted U.S. history textbooks are in the U.S. depending on where you live? Do you also realize that churches, as we have seen propogate HATE in the guise of "faith" that is deplorable.

For as long as I lived in the U.S. and now look down over the border from Canada, where hatred is more monitored and curtailed, I can see the forest for the trees.

Study religion, history and politics long enough and one will realize just how much hate is legislated into the lives of the people by governments and religions all over the world.

Hate can be stopped if those who see its reality and understand its power are willing to step up and vote the haters out of the White House, Senate and H.O.R.

Apathy is rampant in the U.S. as well in Canada, and knowledge os power if only we could wake the slumbering masses to get that message out into the field, we could stem the tide of hatred and in time end it completely.


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