Monday, June 05, 2006

GWB and his cronies and those who can help LISTEN UP !!!

Sad, that GWB is so stupid in what he does. I am still an American, I haven’t given up that citizenship yet. Each time his numbers are low, because of his own stupidity, he brings up the “Queer” issue to polarize and state emphatically, that Republicans/Consertvatives may not agree with him on some of his issues and they are willing to look past the obvious lack of leadership and mistaken war, thousands of dead soldiers and Hundreds of thousands of dead civilians in Iraq, to make sure they make it a point to continually state that

“Queers don’t matter and Queers will never have equal rights.”

Like the African American of the early White America AND the Jew of WWII and not to mention the queer and handicapped of WWII - they were “other” and were exterminated rightly so. If the conservative party had their way “queers” would be exterminated as Hitler exterminated millions just so he could “arianize and clean up” the gene pool. I don’t know if the forefathers would agree with the current administrations decisions and actions, I just don’t know.

But as gay Canadian and a gay American, I have to tell you that our Parliamentary system is no better, because the lap dog P.M. Harper is forcing this issue today like the Prez, as if in concert to show a unified front against the “queer” movement, which makes me sick, rest assured my marriage is in no way in jeaopardy of being dissolved by amy prime minister.

You know if all the queers in the U.S. had the balls to get up and be counted, those who hide in their closets - hoping never to be discovered because of hatred and ignorance, you all could make a difference. What if, all the quiet ones, who have a voice were given the courage to speak up and say HELL NO, VOTE !!! You could make a difference, the reality is that the One World Government has too much power and god forbid anyone say otherwise or speak up.

Everyone writes and talks - does any one really do anything to affect change? Law makers were put in office by votes of those who voted. IF those people who don’t vote VOTED more often and the RIGHT to VOTE was more important than sitting on ones hands and ones ass, then ASSHOLES like Bush and his supporters would never had been put into office to begin with. Not that the last 2 elections were RIGGED and the American people let it happen, just goes to show you, what they really see as important. and the fact that they settled for this shit to take place and they still settle to let this happen to those around them.


Impeach the bastard and elect someone who will carry the America’s forward not pull them BACKWARDS. The only reason that HITLER did what he did and got away with what he did was because people LISTENED to him. Sound familiar?

Don’t Americans get it? or are they really that STUPID to let this kind of shit perpetuate. Let’s exterminate the poor, the blacks and the sick, remove them from Medicare/Social Security rolls and execute the surplus population, and while we are at it lets exterminate any vestige of the queer population.

Take away any possibility that they could ever get equal rights - subvert and silence them into submission and the “Arian One World Nation” will show the world that THEY are a power not to be questioned or messed with… the queers will disapper and hopefully move out of the U.S. forced to go because they make life unbearable and if they silence them - they can pepetuate out Hitler-ian way of life
OF Domination and EXTERMINATION!!

Bush makes me sick…

Gays get off your asses - supporters get off your asses - get up get angry and impeach the asshole in the white house. We writers can only do so much. If people don’t get up, then nothing will be done. And that’s the way it has been for decades. as long as we talk and do nothing, this will continue until the “other” is exterminated from the earth.


(rant over)


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