Saturday, June 17, 2006

Free Me - for Christian...

If I were a color, what color would I be? In the Fall I am multi-colored as the fire in the leaves of Canada. Fire red, Burning orange and Falling yellow, in the Winter I am White as the first snow that falls. In the Summer I am as blue as the stratosphere. In the Summer I am the green grass of home, soft, welcoming and alive.

What shape would I be? I am a circle, like the ring on my finger a never ending bond - a living circle never to be broken.

If I were a movement, what movement would I be? If I were a movement I would be a Triple Salchow, ice skating is my favorite sport, relaxing and graceful. The Triple Salchow is a required movement for most 1st tier skaters. A beautiful movement among many.

What sound? I love the cello as well, the sound precise and sublime, as well, I am the acoustic guitar, strong in melody and welcoming to the spirit that moves me.

What animal? I am a humpback whale, strong and solid, graceful and melodic, ever avaiable to travel through the oceans of the world.

What song? Josh Groban - You Raise me up....." so I can stand on mountains, You raise me up to walk on stormy seas, I am strong when I am on your shoulder, You raise me up to more than I can be...

What number? I am number 12 a divine number - from texts and numerics, it all begins with 1 and 2 ...

What car? I am a bergundy BMW roadster. Sweet, refined and fast.

What piece of furniture? I am the "patchwork quilted - reading chair" in the corner of the room, I am comfy and smell of Home, I welcome the reader who sits for long hours within my arms with a good book.

What food? I am a hearty pot of Chicken stew, cooked with care over hours and hours, that will feed the body of strength and the spirit with love from a recipie passed down through generations.

What place? I am the place that brought you so much joys, the collection of houses you spent as a child. Where memories were plentiful and love was abundant. People did not look at your label nor judged you for who you loved. Loved Lived Here, where it is only a memory now.

What element in nature? I am the water, that moves in and out, far and wide. Making its path where ever it wishes bringing life and death creation and destruction.

What kind of tree? I am the Great Maple Tree - A Canadian Maple whos leaves are broad and protective, who's sap is collected each winter, whos wood is strong and durable.

What's something I'm afraid of? A painful death ... plain and simple...

What's the word hiding behind my eyes? Memories, some good, some bad... Knowing what I have seen and witnessed in as many years.

I am the whale
all knowing all seeing
traveling through
blue oceans of the earth,

singing sacred music
from the depths of the sea

I am solid, traditional,
fused with color and beauty

and wise beyond measure
I raise you up in my boughs
I stand for those who cannot

but remember who they were
or more - who they are
I am memory...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm awed by your writing. Excellent post, if I do say so myself.

8:02 AM  
Blogger CanEragon said...

In my best interview voice...

Ms. Hepburn, if you were a tree, what would you be??? It doesn't sound so crazy today, does it?


2:13 PM  

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