Thursday, June 01, 2006

Communing with my spirit...

I was sitting in the beauty salon this afternoon, I got my hair done and was waiting for hubby to get finished up, and I was reading an:

I guess it was an older issue but it had some great articles in it about men, and I bought the June O Magazine and wouldn't you know it - it's not the one I was reading in the salon!! anyways...

I was reading a letter in THAT magazine about workaholics and busy bees and the fact that if we are always going and going, when do we have time to rest and replenish our spirits and bodies with some much needed rest. Living with a bi-polar person and my own HIV at times is a task and a chore at times, because some days I don't know it I am coming or going and I am sure, neither does he. I wrote here not long ago about my desire to do something BIG...


In the mail the other day was my:

Thomson Treks Link Here

Brochure for 2006-2007 seasons. I was SO excited to get this book, I sat down and read through the programs they are offering from Safaris and Africa journeys to the Ultimate Kilimanjaro Trek and Climb. So my LONG TERM goal is to make a 2007 excursion to Africa and Climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Now I have to make a decision on which tour I want, I am liking the 13 day Trek up the Western Route of Kilimanjaro. So I need to get my book published and hopefully sell a few million copies worldwide and become comfortable in my old age, where I can travel anywhere I want any time that I want, and not have to worry about money!!

Financial Freedom NOW !!

Isn't it amazing...
Imagine what that must look like in person
I am going to find out!!

Photos Courtesy of

***Thomson Treks Link Here***


Blogger eric said...

Jer, it'll be one of the most amazing things you'll ever see. And if you're like me, once you come home, it'll haunt your memory, in your waking and in your dreaming, the rest of your life.

I only wish I'd trekked it while I was there. Sigh.

6:26 AM  

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