Sunday, June 04, 2006

After catharsis...

I kept going back and forth to your blog reading the comment I left you, and it consumed me like fire. At 3 am I was so "In the writing zone" I put on some Josh Groban and sat and wrote until I was finished, I went to bed close to 4:45 this morning after writing that last entry you see below. I have not had a really "induced" writing session like that in a long while. I guess certain subject cause us to reflect on how far we've come to how we express ourselves on those issues as we get sober.

I guess I've really grown up alot in the last year. I'm glad at least you came and read, that meant alot to me as well. I am somewhat amazed I was able to articulate myself so well last night, the spirit was surely moving!!

Not to mention that I did not sleep well at all this morning, I kept having this dream - it was a great dream, that kept being interrupted by visions of waterfalls and rivers and oceans, this is a trigger dream that says......."Potty break!!!" Oh my god... Did I drink that much last night? Then I kept trying to find my way BACK into the Hot Sweaty dream I WAS having - alas, I could not find the way back into it like I sometimes get to do! shucks....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will continue to read your words, as they are stoked by emotion that seems to be missing from so many these days.

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog as well.

The best to you...


1:09 PM  

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