Wednesday, June 21, 2006

5 years of sobriety...

Last night at the meeting we had a "freshie..." 7 days in, wanting to know why, expecting the world to be better and life would return to normal, just because he was there... in the room.

I usually let the room share before I open my mouth to speak, there are far better men to share what they know, my god some of those men have been sober longer than I've been alive, fancy that. When it came time for the meeting to end I spoke up.

  • I know about expectations - and how to have them - and not have them - properly
  • Meaning -- expectations are just prepackaged resentments !!!
  • I know that sobriety did not come in 7 days
  • Just because we enter the rooms - does not mean that those we hurt on the way in here will let us "back in" overnight... or in 7 days !!
  • Healing takes a long time for some whom we've harmed because of our drinking
  • We show up - take care of ourselves - and God will take care of the rest
  • Patience and perseverance PAYS !!
  • I know that I have changed
  • My reaction to certain triggers has lessened ALOT
  • I have learned some tolerance and understanding
  • I know what Live - Easy - But - Think - First mean
  • I have reached new territory in this 5th year of sobriety
  • I also know how important meetings are - if only I show up
  • I know how important it is to remember to breathe
  • If you forget to breathe - you die... very simple
  • This is about me and not Them
  • How I deal with certain subjects has changed drastically for the good
  • I am a much calmer man than I was
  • I don't ask from God - that which is not mine to have
  • I am there to help the newcomer - If I don't give it away - I won't have it myself
  • That gratitude is important to remember where I came from
  • That in one decision I can go "Back There" and I don't want to go back there
  • I am a much happier man - than I let on sometimes
  • Stick around, go to meetings and
  • Wait for the miracle to happen - don't rush it
  • It is all about the journey
  • That's why there are promises in the Big Book to show us what recovery can lead us to


Blogger Beverly said...

I have gone to 4 Alanon meetings now..hmm..very helpful.

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