Friday, May 19, 2006

Textbooks do not come cheap...

Thank God for financial Aide because I surely could not afford to go to school and buy books at the same time. Today's venture cost $106.00 dollars for ONE science textbook on Natural Disasters. It is a sweet textbook, I am going to have fun reading it this weekend. Our first test is Wednesday and is multiple choice - as we were told the other night.

It has rained now in Montreal for 8 days!!
Rain, Rain and more RAIN!!!

and we are expecting more RAIN


Have I told you how much I HATE
the rain...


I'm not sure what else to write about but to touch on a few television shows that we happen to watch like clockwork. Here is my review of Season End Finales.

Greys Anatomy ( A )

Did anyone imagine that McDreamy and Meredith would "get into it" once again? Who did she go home with finally? What a way to end the season. I can't wait to see what Addison Sheperd has to say about this little bit of info! Did Meredith go home with McDreamy or McDamaged?

C.S.I. Miami ( B )

Did anyone notice that most of the season finales had a higher degree of violence? This shoot em up good guy - bad guy kinda feel to them? I think that Horatio Caine should have shot that thug and left him for the gators in the everglades.

C.S.I. New York ( B )

Nothing like leaving a bad taste in the mouths of New Yorkers not to mention the U.S. with scenes of buildings in new York City being blown up by a mad man. Geez, did they have to tap that nerve with a season finale? I don't know if it is wise to kill off TWO cast members in one season!

C.S.I. ( C )

Jim Brass, and Ellie, why don't they just kill that girl off, she is such a looser! I think Jim would reast easier if he was not fixated in righting that relationship with his "milk man" conceived daughter. I thought last seasons finale was better with Nick in the ground.

E.R. ( A )

Ok, another shoot em up, in the emergency room this time, end of an hour of riveting television. With Dr. Kovach tied to a gurney and now Dr. Lockhart has fallen to the floor with blood on her hands, what happens now? All these people are injured and now we have to wait until the Fall to see who survives?? Is that insane?

Ok, not much to munch on - I need some serious sunshine to get out of this wet, pit of rain soaked misery!!


Blogger MoDigli said...

I used to check online for used copies of text books, and often got lucky. Even if they were an edition or two behind, I'd still just go for it!

try abe books online, or amazon. It's worth a shot before hitting that overpriced bookstore!

1:46 AM  
Blogger CanEragon said...

That would have been easier, but this prof has taught the class before and there were no earlier editions available in store and Amazon takes too long to ship in time for the test on Wednesday.


2:37 AM  

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