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StatsCan Census 2006

I got my copy of the census in the mail - AND - I filled out the form with the online site. ( - Click) This report is pointless bitching. Because I am Married to my husband when you fill out the online form the system recognizes same sex couples and gives them the option of Marking the "Married" Box, and not "Other!" So I don't know what this report is trying to say, I suggest you go look at the online site and re-read the form booklet. There are several places along the questionnaire that "Same Sex Couple" choices appear, so you will get your acknowledgement and so you won't have to choose Other. Don't listen to everything you read.

Persons living in the same location

  1. Husband or wife of person 1
  2. Opposite Sex Common-law partner of person 1
  3. Same Sex Common law partner of person 1
  4. Son or daughter
  5. Grandchild of person 1
  6. Father or mother of person 1
  7. Father-in-law/mother-in-law of person 1
  8. Grandparent of person one
  9. Brother or sister of person 1
  10. Brother in law/sisiter in law of person one
  11. Lodger or boarder
  12. Room-mate
  13. Other
So what is all the fuss about choices? Fill out the form as anyone else would. We are married, I marked the Married choice! It's right there in print AND online. I don't see the need to mark OTHER if you don't think of yourself as OTHER!!


Canadian LGBT Rights Group: Census Question 'Denigrates' Gays

by Newscenter Staff

May 4, 2006 - 9:00 pm ET

(Ottawa) A gay-rights group says it is ``dismayed'' with Statistics Canada over the way it treats same-sex couples in the May 16 census, saying the federal agency has complicated the way same-sex couples are counted.

The census form instructs same-sex couples who are married to check the ``Other'' category at the bottom of the list of relationships, rather than checking the top box marked ``Husband or wife.''

Egale Canada is urging same-sex married couples to list their relationships as ``Husband or wife'' rather than ``Other;'' it assures same-sex couples that Statistics Canada will record either response correctly as a married same-sex couple.

Egale also wants all concerned Canadians to add a comment on Page 6 of the questionnaire, such as ``same-sex couples deserve equal treatment.''

Egale says Statistics Canada claims it didn't have time to update the census since the Civil Marriage Act was amended to include same-sex couples last July, although the category ``Same-sex common-law partner'' was added for the 2001 census after Canadian law was changed to recognize unmarried same-sex couples.

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Blogger Spencer said...

I got one of those a few years ago and I added to it kinda funny really. Hvae a good weekend!

10:12 AM  
Blogger Echo Mouse said...

As my own census form sits beside me, waiting for me to complete it online, I found your post. You made it too easy, providing that link and all. Now I have no further excuse to procrastinate with this thing. I am off to fill it out.

Thanks Jer ;) You saved me having to type in the URL. lol

10:43 PM  

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