Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

If you look over there ------> A new blogger has been added to the list. His name is Jeremy and he is a gypsy or future boy. We welcome him to the blogsphere and hope that we can build a relationship of sorts. From Stat Tracker he is in Canada and not Antarctica! Although I have a fascination with the Southernmost Pole just to see it for myself.

The Blog is called
"The Missing Years"

Well, it is raining again in Montreal today. It has been raining since last week, and it seems the sun will not shine here until at least next week. Do you know what "no sunshine" does to ones well being and emotional state? It's not like Winter where it is cold and windy, but it is damp and cold and wet. I'd rather walk through falling snow than falling rain!! I hate the rain. It's not even pretty.

I had class this evening, and I really enjoy this science class. It seems all that Discovery and science programming that I watch has been retained in some far sector of my brain and I find that I can access that information at a moments notice. The Prof is just great. She is enthusiatic and next week she is traveling to the West Coast (Seattle) for a conference for a very prestigious Science Team. She is also going to see Mount St. Helen's which has been active as of late. So that will be exciting to see.

My school week is finished and I can work on my Thesis for my masters Degree. It seems that a friend of mine from a class I took last Fall is IN my science class this term. We got to talking after class and she asked if she could get a copy of my thesis to read because she is interested in my field of study - which just happens to be the Sacred Feminine from the Gnostic beliefs, traditions and writings and secondly the Gnostic thought that Divinity can be attained or intuited from within. I happen to agree that we do not need an "Institution or Church" to bring us closer to God. Over the many years, I have found that my relationship with God has changed the more I see how corrupt and misleading the church really is. It's not about money or wealth for me, but it is a relationship with my God that matters to me most. I have not maintained a "presence" in any church over the last year or so, because these days I don't need to go "worship" in a community, I guess you could say I am wandering the fields and paths seeking others on their paths, that at some point meet up with my own. I have been through fatih shaking events and the one constant in my life is the grace of God and the faith of my peers, friends and guidemen and women.

I think the more people talk about God and the ways they see and interact with that God of their understanding we can (personally) with each other and on our own, find wisdom and learn wisdom that may not necessarily come from original canonical biblical texts or teaching from any one given church or tradition. So I need to work on my Thesis proposal and polish my focus a little more before I get my copy to my friend next week.

I have a few more ideas I want to work on here and dinner is cooking so I will post this now and more later on this evening. So see ya a little later.


Blogger Gypsy said...

i am from edmonton, specifically, but hail from calgary.
so what day is the quit date? i'm cutting down and will give it a shot w/ you - see if 2 Jeremy's can't succeed where 1 has failed.

also, i'm interested in your religious beliefs; i've never been able to commit to a specific religion, but try to borrow bits from here and there to lead a sacred life.
Actual results vary.

And finally, i'm really glad we're on better footing sometimes; i can be a bit flippant sometimes, but i mean no harm.

Have you ever read any Carlos Casteneda? The guy was full of it for the most part, but he talks about defeating petty tyrants in his book the Fire Within, and i think that might assist you with your In-law difficulties.
In addition the aforementioned breathing, of course.

6:28 AM  
Blogger Echo Mouse said...

Question - have you already handed in your thesis? Because if you haven't, even if she is a friend, if it were me I wouldn't give her a copy of it. Not until you handed it in and had the results. I know it's not the best thing to think someone might borrow your work or your thesis idea but it does happen. Even with friends. So be careful.

As for your in-laws, if it was me, I'd just opt out of future visits. Peter can go and you can keep your peace of mind. That's actually the healthy way to go. Trying to reason with difficult people who have set behavioural patterns and are resistant to change is usually nonproductive.

4:45 PM  

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