Tuesday, May 09, 2006

On Being POZ...

When I was a young gay boy with Aids and I was really sick, and I would find myself fighting to survive with care workers, social workers, aid agencies, the rental board and such, I found the ability to become a cast iron bitch in a matter of 24 hours.

Relying on people to assist me in living was paramount at time. Now, this began my education of becoming that cast iron bitch alot in the beginning and once people got the jist that when you tell me that you are going to do something (in particular) on a given day and hour, YOU DO IT, and if you don't I will hound you until you do!

Never tell a boy with Aids that he will be taken care of within due time and not act on your word accordingly. I do have expectations of people - some people - and when you tell me you are going to take care of something for me don't keep me hanging. That drives me insane especially where money is concerned.

So do your job already !!


Blogger Echo Mouse said...

Timely post. We've just had to utilize the government care resources for my father. These people were always late, barely seemed to be paying attention, and not well coordinated. It's left me with a bad taste regarding the lot of them. And right after that taste, I've started to think on how I might be able to do it better. No idea. But thanks for this post. I feel I shouldnt' complain but on the other hand, wonder what these people are about to be in the caring profession.

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