Monday, May 08, 2006

The Next Solar Maximum 2011

I watched a program on Discovery just now on Solar Storms. These storms happen on the sun on a regular basis. In this case, when the sun is at maximum activity, a situation called the Solar Maximum is possible. If this occurs in our lifetime and is massive in scope it can render the world powerless - literally. A solar storm has two polarities, Northbound polarity and Southbound polaritiy which can be lethal to earth's atmosphere, satellites, electrical grids on down the domino line. If this catastrophic event happens, the world could be plunged into darkness, and massive hysteria, panic and catastrophic worldwide loss of life would be immanent.

Click ( The Perfect Disaster ) for more information. I found this program to be informative and instructional to the affect of what we should do, what may happen, how the world at large will be affected AND how WE as citizens of a location, country, city, etc... can be helpful to those around us, with that knowledge we can be better informed should this ever happen in our lifetime. World electrical meltdown can last for days, months and even years. We would see things and experience life as never before if the electrical grids around the country, and world are toppled by a solar storm of extensive magnitude.

The next Solar Maximum will take place in the year 2011, the sun cycles as it has for centuries. There is no stopping it or changing the track. I find natural disaster programs to be educational because we don't really talk about subjects that are out of our "thought system." We are so concerned with wars, politics and domination that we really don't ever ponder the thought of some kind of universal catastrophic event ever occuring. If the world went dark, well, we would have something to really be afraid of and focused on for years following a possibly catastrophic SOLAR event.

A couple of photos for you to ponder from

THE Earth Observatory LINK


The Hubble Telescope LINK


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