Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday - Monday

Dah - Dah - Dah - Dah - Dah - Dah

As I look out my 17th story windows the sky is slate grey with dark storm clouds across the sky, yet it is not raining YET today. Things in the Eastern Townships we heard yesterday are starting to dry up, yet the flood damage is tough on residents not to mention the farmers who may loose entire crops for the planting season, which is very sad. They say flooding like that which we had over the last 11 days has not been seen in decades. Mother Nature has sought to take us for a ride coming out of an intense and brutal 6 months of a bitter winter into a rain soaked spring, AND if the reports are correct, our next big battle will be freaking West Nile Virus from the mosquitos now breeding in puddles and standing water all over Canada.

What next "Locusts??"

If it is not one thing it is another! They also tell us on the news over the weekend that this Summer is going to be brutal, hot and miserable. WTF? We are heading into June with cooler temperatures coming out of the wet weather we have had and the fact that temps HERE have not surpassed the 20c mark as of yet, let us pray... As I look over all the land that I survey, all of the trees are very dark green and full of foliage. The rain was good for the gardens and trees, and now the entire neighborhood is back to full life, it seems.

It took a long time for the trees to "foliage" after this long brutal winter we had. I am hoping to get my film developed this week in order to upload some new flicker shots from the last few weeks of picture taking.

My friend joooolie is not coming this weekend, what a freaking bummer! You snooze you loose, and we've had this 10 year reunion planned for over 3 months now and she waited to buy a ticket until the last minute and airfares are just through the roof at this point, it isn't worth spending all that money to fly to Montreal for 3 days. dammittt... oh well, maybe next time.

Last night I got to talk to friends all over the globe, it was truely an international calling night last night. My friends are traveling all over the world this summer. I am so jealous. I wish I could take a month off ffrom life and go to the UK for vacation, hell I wish I had the time and cash to go to Vancouver to see some friends for a much needed R&R. This trip IS entirely possible. I got to reconnect to some people last night that I have not talked to in months because we could never get together to talk because of our schedules, so I went to bed this morning as the sun was coming up, thank god for the online messenger program !! What a neat little tool. Who knew that electronic communications would bring the world into our living rooms as it does today!

Did any of you watch Desperate Housewives last night? What will happen to Betty Applewhite since the shooting and where will they go? Why is that screwy dentist after Bree Van DeKamp? and why did he run over Susan's potential BF (Mike Delfino) ? And why did Carl buy Susan and her daughter that house and how will Susan USE her ex, and what happens when she finds out Mike is dead? Will Lynette and her hubby deal with this white trash girl he got pregnant 12 years earlier, now knowing that she will be living around the corner from them. Wasn't the diner scene just incredible. You Go Lynette !! And what is with Mrs. Solis screwing the gardening boy (Miguel) in that garage!! HOT and STEAMY! We should all have a gardening boy hidden away in the garage for those occasional sexual encounters! Well since Mr. Solis is banging the asian maid.

Zach did in the grandfather, while his so called father (Paul Young) is in custody after that psycho woman set him up and fled the neighborhood last epidose. Zach tossed the phone and was on his way to sign the legal papers as the sole inheriter of his grandfather's estate, as he told the butler, get him a new phone with a new number and fill in this damn pond! And where was Edie Britt, I guess she was still in the hospital healing from her hornet attack!! or was she left out of the finale for a reason??? I don't particularly care for her character anyway. So many questions, so few answers !!!

Tonight C.S.I. Miami Season finale !!! BoooGah!!
That was an oops from my last post on finales!
Who really IS the MOLE?

Tomorrow - TOOOSDAY and
American Idol
Go Taylor!!

Wednesday - LOST !!!


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