Monday, May 01, 2006

A letter to my father...

I've been debating the worth of what I am about to write, and the better part of me says that it will heal me and the other side of my brain says "Why bother?..."

So for what it's worth,

Dear Dad,

We have not spoken in many years, yet I wonder if you really care that I am still here? Today is your birthday, and I am sending you a hug and warm wishes on this day. If God is good and hears my prayers, you might find this message and say hello.

Happy Birthday dad.

Your son


Blogger Mind the Bear said...

Jeremy, I pray that God will bring about reconciliation for you and your father. I've not had a great relationship with mine, and he doesn't even know I'm gay. At least, not consciously.

And, sometimes, we never understand what kind of healing takes place, and sometimes we know it does not seem to happen this side of Jordan.

I pray for you shalom.

Cheers, Joe.

2:39 PM  

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