Monday, May 08, 2006

Grades Update

Concordia University

Credits completed since entering the program: 69
Credits for Degree: 90
Current G.P.A.: 2.91

(Not bad for an Old Fart!!)

Grades (Winter 2005-2006)

Religious Personalities: A-
Methods of Religion: B+

I got my paper back, which was the draft for my Masters Degree Application which was my final exam for the class. Paper Grade: B / B+

I passed RELI 409 with a high mark, which makes me very happy. I worked really hard for this grade. I can compete with the best students in a course geared for graduating and graduate students.

I received very good comments. I got some advice as to how to "narrow down" my focus a little more, but suffice to say, this paper, with a little polish, will become my actual application for my Masters Degree which I hope to submit this Summer some time. I hope this information is "useful" to those who need to see it. We will see...


Blogger Echo Mouse said...

That is wonderful news Jeremy.

Congratulations! :)

12:09 PM  

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