Tuesday, May 16, 2006

FAQ's about the inlaws

  1. My husband is sick with Bi-Polar II and takes alot of meds each day and has a set schedule he follows as part of his treatment along with his daily regular schedule. Do YOU know anything about mental illness or how one treats it and how it affects the spouse and family? Do you really, "Seriously?" Do you know what it is like to be HIV positive for as long as I have and have dealt with my own family/life issues? Do you really "Seriously?" Do you really have any idea what my life is like from one or two reads of this blog over the last few days? NO, I don't think you do, DO YOU???
  2. Some people should keep their opinions and comments to themselves !!
  3. I am HIV poz and I have dealt with issues that would give you grey hair!
  4. We are both in recovery and have been for some years, and unless you know what it is like to be in recovery and dealing with reality in recovery terms then don't say anything about what you think about me when I am upset. Life is real, and opinions are like assholes everyones got one.
  5. Our family lives on the "Secret system"
  6. My inlaws and bil's/and sil's would rather live in the acceptance of secrets and "I don't wanna talk about it," and we cannot talk about the elephant in the room, and the fact that my MIL is insane and drives us all crazy and her children (now adults) are coerced into silence by psychological and monetary control and punishment and the silent treatment that drives me insane. I don't need this drama in my life. I have enough already.
  7. I don't think you know what it is like to deal with mental illness, the medical regimen that is required and all the work that went into caring for my partner who has been to hell and back in the last 3 years. NO I don't think you realize the depth of investment I have made in my relationship for you to make such blatant judgements about who I am or what I am or what's wrong with me. When NO ONE in the family came forward to help me when I was alone dealing with these problems, I Had to cope on my own, alone with my readers here trying to help me through dark times. So unless you have a vested interest in my life, I invite you not to come back here again.
  8. It's easier to say "Everythings ok and as long as I don't see it, it doesn't exist," rather than knowing the real truth and dealing with family issues honestly and truthfully as things really are not as they wish them to be.
  9. Is it better to live honestly with integrity or live as a "People Pleaser" for the rest of ones life? People in recovery learn about people pleasing and living in recovery is a life built around integrity, honesty and truth and no secrets. (at least I don't)
  10. So please unless you have something constructive to offer then please keep your opinions to yourself. What YOU think of ME is none of my business. Don't come here and stir the pot if you surely do not know what the fuck you are talking about. I write because I seek answers not people who are going to add to my confusion and emotional upset.
  11. My inlaws drive us crazy with rules and regulations
  12. read my entire blog before you try to comment on the present situation and understand why I have such issues with my inlaws, especially from our wedding in 2004
  13. Only scientists live in Antarctica
  14. You surely must be just pushing my buttons
  15. And No I did not post your comments and won't unless you have somethig constructive to offer as an adult would - like some of my readers
  16. And No I dont always follow the Dao - and sometimes I forget to breathe
  17. This is my blog - remember that - This is MY blog and not some childish rant page
  18. There are serious issues dealt with in my Life affecting/changing issues so until you know the entire story or you are a regular reader - shut the fuck up.
  19. This is MY blog !!
  20. There are histrionics with my inlaws that nobody is willing to discuss and I find that insane so call me rage(ous) I am not, really. Just realistic in a recovery kind of way.
  21. Time is precious and I wasted 4 days at my inlaws this past weekend


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